DoT = Damage over Time spell. These spells do damage once every server "tick" for the duration of the spell. A tick is a 6-second period that is server based. Spell duration for DoTs can be extended with particular focus effects from worn, tribute or spell benefit. DoTs come in multiple lengths ranging from 3 ticks to 20 ticks (18 seconds to 2 minutes). Generally the shorter the duration of the DoT the more destructive per tick it is yet also being less efficient than the longer versions.

The advantage of DoTs over instant, direct-damage spells ("nukes") is three-fold: 1) DoTs are generally significantly more efficient v. instant spells from a damage-per-mana viewpoint. This efficiency is built within the base of the spell, and can be enhanced greatly both with preservation effects/tribute/focus and spell duration increasing focus. Both DoTs and Nukes alike gain identical benefit from damage-increasing focus/effects/tribute. 2) DoTs are typically "stacked" on a target (your only limitation to how many DoTs you have running is the duration of the spells, your ability to keep them refreshed & the number of spell gems you can have active). This results in a ramping-up period where the DPS starts off low, but builds to highly destructive numbers as you stack more DoTs. This tactic also places extreme value on Alternate Abilities that give you an extra spell gem slot. 3) DoTs generally have a much higher spell resist modifier than instant duration spells. They also are never "partially" resisted - they either hit for full damage & duration, or are outright resisted. Most DoTs have a resist modifier of at least -100

    • very few DoTs have stacking conflict issues**

The disadvantages of DoTs are that they take time to run their course, which becomes a kill-rate efficiency problem if you are in a group/raid that is killing NPCs at a very fast pace. Generally the more powerful the rest of your group members are, the lesser sustained DPS contribution you can provide with DoTs. And obviously if something absolutely must die now in a raid, DoTs are the worst possible option. Secondly, since good DoT DPS can only be achieved by utilizing the most of your spell gems - utility spells are generally sacrificed. A nuke class can typically accomplish the entirety of their DPS cycling between one and three spells, freeing up a multitude of spell gems for other options. Lastly, some raid mechanics include mobs mem-bluring themselves; multiple mobs requiring balanced health scripts; since DoTs run over a course of time this typically results in DoT casters having to halt their DPS long in advance or risk summong and death.

Three classes specialize in DoT spells: druids, necromancers, and shamen. Bards have a similiar ability to gradually wear down a mob's health through both DoT spells and songs, and many other classes have a DoT spell here or there, thought they specialize in instant durations.


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