eq:Blood of the Fallen  

As part of the Bloody Kithicor Theme, there are many tasks that yield "Blood" pieces. This is a long quest which eventually yields Blood of the Fallen - An augment with 20 AC, 135 H/M/E and some Heroic Agility.

To start off, you need apprehensive faction with Silla Herald in order to buy the Bloodbind Cauldron.

You need 7 Orange Bloods, 7 Blue Bloods and 8 Red Bloods. Combine all the bloods of each color in the Bloodbind Cauldron, then combine the three resulting bloods in the cauldron to complete the augment

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Orange Blood

The following creates Blood of Light. These tasks are all given by the Army of Light (west side of zone).

ItemTask GiverTask/sayPrerequisitesZone
Blood of the SatiatedSupplymaster KibrekScourge of SupplyhelpnoneKith
Blood of the InformedDiennic LightheartShadows of KithicorknownoneKith
Blood of the OfficerArmsmaster VohlenActs of ReprisalslaynoneKith
Blood of the InfiltratedArmsmaster VohlenSacrifice to TreacherygononeKith
Blood of the BetrayedArmsmaster VohlenQuestionable LoyaltiessortnoneKith
Blood of the DominatedLord TephysCharges of TreasonattendnoneKith
Blood of the RedeemedFiriona VieVengeance and DeliveranceacceptCharges of TreasonKith

Blue Blood

The following creates Blood of Oblivion. These tasks are all given by the Obliteration Army (east side of zone).

ItemTask GiverTask/sayPrerequisitesZone
Blood of the SuppliedSalebTake EverythingdononeKith
Blood of the AssassinJarik K`AhndarEnemies of the Teir'DalkeenTake EverythingKith
Blood of the TraitorJarik K`AhndarPower PlaynowTake EverythingKith
Blood of the InterrogatorAndylis V`ShreiTruth and ConsequencesservicenoneKith
Blood of the VindicatedAndylis V`ShreiDisruptive InfluenceschallengenoneKith
Blood of the DeceivedAndylis V`ShreiCountermanded OrdersreportsnoneKith
Blood of the DisguisedLaarthik V`ShinDestroy the ImpostordeednoneKith

Red Blood

The following creates Blood of Medicine.

ItemTask GiverTask/sayPrerequisitesZone
Cured BloodWarden AvelynPurging the CorruptionDestroynoneKith
Redthorn's BloodPartharRefugee Rescue #1rescuenoneCommons
Dolman's BloodPartharRefugee Rescue #2rescuenoneCommons
Fenia's BloodPartharRefugee Rescue #3rescuenoneCommons
Mojax's BloodPartharRefugee Rescue #4rescuenoneCommons
Opal's BloodPartharRefugee Rescue #5rescuenoneCommons
Saboteur's BloodBanesman AaltheneActs of SabotagecountnoneKith
Scout's BloodThanuel MergonScouting the CommonlandsscoutnoneKith

Blood of the Fallen

Simply combining the final Red, Blue and Orange bloods in the cauldron results in the Blood of the Fallen


Seeds of Destruction
The Seeds of Destruction expansion is required to access this content.
Live: October 21, 2008

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