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This year's new LOTRO Yule Festival is a winter wonderland of activities. The town of Winter-home is a beautiful new Winter Festival region complete with new quests, a snowball arena, an eating contest, a theatre event, and a festival square. Don't miss out!

  • New Quests – Help the residents of Winter-home with the final touches for the celebration.
  • Snowball Fight – Check out the Snowball arena where you can challenge your friends to a frosty duel.
  • Theatre Event – Head over to the local playhouse to catch the seasonal show.
  • Eating Contest – Get your fill of pies, eggs, mushrooms and more in the Winter-home eating contest.
  • Festival Square – Check out the local vendor, meet up with your fellows, or raise a mug to toast the season.

Official Info

First, check you mail box and get the letter form the party planner. Read it to get the quest An Invitation to the Festival<s>. This tells you to talk to a Festival Announcer Stable-master in West Bree, Thorin's Gate, Michel Delving or Celondim. Find one of them and talk to him to complete the quest. Now you can use him for a free Swift Travel ride to Winter-home, a town in the new zone of Frostbluff.

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Each quest rewards 4 Frostbluff Coins<s>

Albert Yule<s>

All the following quests are repeatable and have a 4 hour cooldown.

Guard Kember<s>Daley Utteridge<s>

  1. Moving Them Off<s> (10 ) - drive off the beggars
  2. A Charitable Spirit<s> (10 ) - give coins to the beggars

Ona Kay<s>

Gareth Rust<s>

  • Making Mischief<s> (10 ) - set off fireworks, then pick pockets while the patrons are distracted (TIMED)

Hobbit<s> - at the Festival Theatre door

Basil Wyndham<s>

Mabel Mitford<s>


These are listed on the Class/Race/Epic tab under Race & Social.

Festival Theatre

At the start of the show three players will be randomly chosen from the audience to play Gandalf, Bilbo and a Partygoer. To succeed you must target the Audience and perform an emote (any emote) when directed. Also, you must follow any stage directions you receive. Break a leg or wear rotten fruit!

If you are an audience member you need to buy Flowers and Fruit from the Concessions vendors and, when told to, shower the actors with praise or pummel them with produce. Each player will need to be targetted 3 times: the Partygoer, then Bilbo, then Gandalf, and repeat twice more. If the actor does the right thing you will throw Flower Petals, if they fail you throw Rotten Fruit.

  • Frostbluff Flower Petals
    • Tier 1: Throw Petals 5 times - rewards: 10 Bags of Flower Petals<s>, 4 coins, 5 TP
    • Tier 2: Throw Petals 10 times - rewards: 4 coins, Title: Petal Pusher, 5 TP
    • Tier 3: Throw Petals 25 times - rewards: 8 coins, Flower Petals<s> (permanent item), 5 TP
  • Frostbluff Rotten Fruit
    • Tier 1: Throw Fruit 5 times - rewards: 10 Rotten Fruits<s>, 4 coins, 5 TP
    • Tier 2: Throw Fruit 10 times - rewards: 4 coins, Title: Fruit Hucker, 5 TP
    • Tier 3: Throw Fruit 25 times - rewards: 8 coins, Rotten Fruit<s> (permanent item), 5 TP
  • Protagonist - awarded for playing Bilbo successfully - rewards: Title: Protagonist, 5 TP
  • Villain - awarded for playing Gandalf successfully - rewards: Title: Villain, 5 TP
  • Extra - awarded for playing the Partygoer successfully - rewards: Title: Extra, 5 TP


  • Title Writ - Star of the Show<s> - when you attend the theatre, if you are chosen as an actor and do well (succeed on 2 of 3), you may receive this


The Town Crier, near the main entrance, will sell you a Yule Festival Token<s> for 4 Frostbluff Coins<s>. There are 2 hobbits inside the Festival Theatre that will trade Yule Festival Tokens<s> for:

  • Performer Titles
  • Rotten Fruit and Flower Petals to throw at the actors
  • Perfect Snowballs
  • Costumes
  • House and Yard decorations
  • 5 "Gift" Boxes (failboxes - lump of coal) or a Hobbit Gift Box (random cosmetic gifts)
  • Various gag items

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