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This page is the front page for a full wiki devoted to Vanguard Saga of Heroes. It is part of the complete Allakhazam MMORPG Wiki, and thus is interconnected with all of our other game wikis and network sites. If you are the publisher of this game or are a dedicated fan, please feel free to develop it to its fullest potential. The extent of this is limited only by the time and imagination you put into it.

  • To ask questions to our developers and other players, post on our wikibase forum

  • All pages created within the scope of this game need to have the {{vanguard}} tag on the bottom of the page to add the page to Category:Vanguard so that the page is properly visible and filterable to the search engine.

Or, in Bludwyng's words:

Welcome to Allakhazam's Vanguard:SoH Wikibase

What is a Wikibase?

The flexibility of a wiki with the advanced search capabilities of a database, and we call this new, hybrid animal... Wikibase!

As a new feature at Allakhazam's, there is much work to be done here. Our goal is nothing short of total integration of the traditional database you have grown to love and depend on, with the wiki providing total access to quest descriptions, mob notes, and other helpful information.

Initially, all wiki panels on DB pages will have the text that appeared in the DB, but that is only the starting point! Wiki links can be added to improve site linking of related information. Corrections from the messages section can be used to update the text.

If you see a page with incorrect or incomplete info, you don't have to grumble or email a CM to fix it, just click Edit and do it! YOU have the power, now!

Please keep the wiki text clear, concise and to the point. Chat, comments and general discussion belong in the messages as always! Please see the Guidelines for the wiki-rules!

Saga of Heroes


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