Warden (LotRO Class)  

Critical TypeRanged/Melee
RacesElf, Hobbit, Man
Skill LevelAdvanced
Skills Traits
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Lord of the Rings Online

The Warden is a powerful defender of good, combining aspects of the Guardian and Champion. Wearing only Medium armor, they still are very good in the Tank role, making up for their lower armor with higher agility. Their skill and knowledge of their weapons enables them to complete incredible weapon combinations, called Gambits, that can deal extra damage, increase aggro, or even heal themselves.


Gambits are special skills that must be carefully set up if you want a specific effect. There are three types of skills that charge your Gambits:
  • Spear Gambits (red icon) - Direct weapon attacks
  • Shield Gambits (green icon) - Shield Bash and other defensive moves
  • Fist Gambits (yellow icon) - Aggro Control skills, such as Taunt
Most skills in your arsenal will add one of the three icons to your Gambit Display. Gambits have a multi-skill combination that, when achieved, unlocks a specific Gambit and changes the Gambit Default icon to the unlocked Gambit. Not all combinations will unlock a Gambit.

Two-skill Gambits will get you from level 1 to 13. After 13 you will begin to get three-skill Gambits that will be harder to achieve but much more effective. Four-skill gambits start at 30.

We will only include Gambits for levels 1-20 in this table.

Gambits by Type and Level
LevelGambit NameUnlockNotes
Spear Gambits
1Deft StrikeA powerful blow. High damage.
3The BootA powerful kick that interrupts inductions and has a chance to Daze the target. Chance to proc short Daze.
8Offensive StrikeA double attack with increased threat. Strong damage and aggro increase.
16Power AttackA blow with the full power and skill of the Warden is almost impossible to block. Serious damage plus small DOT.
20Combination StrikeA dual weapon strike.
Shield Gambits
2Defensive StrikeA weak attack. The Warden concentrates on defense. Increases Block Rating.
6PersevereA quick thrust forces the enemy away long enough to gain some breathing space. Medium damage and short Heal Over Time.
9Impressive FlourishWardens are experts with their chosen weapons. Sometimes their enemies need to be reminded. Light damage, plus light Damage Over Time, plus small HOT.
17SafeguardA brief respite in battle is all that it takes for a Warden to regain fighting spirit. Moderate damage plus Heal Over Time.
18Shield UpThe Warden takes a defensive posture with shield raised high.
Fist Gambits
4GoadGoad nearby enemies to overcome their fear of the warden and attack. Increases aggro (AE).
12Precise BlowAiming for your opponent's vulnerable spots will get their attention, even if the blow does not land. This attack has greatly increased threat (aggro).
13War-cryA bold challenge to the forces of darkness. This attack has increased threat (aggro).
19Brink of VictoryThere comes a time when your opponents just know that a Warden cannot be defeated and their morale fades away.

Fire & Light Oil

Troll-kin and the Undead are more susceptible to Light damage!

Travel Skills

Forced March - Costs a lot of power to initiate but increases your Out of Combat Run Speed by 25%. This is a great way to cover long distances in your early levels before you get a fast horse. Any Aggro or skill use ends the Forced March and upon ending your Power will be reduced to about 25% making it impossible to instantly restart the skill despite the 1.5s cooldown. There is no duration limit to this skill, you just have to avoid letting it break accidentally.

Muster - Starting at level 28 you begin receiving Muster skills, the first being Muster at Ost Guruth<s>. This will transport you to various important Warden outposts throughout the world but will cost you 3 Traveling Rations<s>. The good news is that Muster skills have no cooldown.


  1. A Spear at the Southern March<s> (15) - Earn your first Class trait, Veteran<s>.
  2. Another Matter of Importance<s> (30) - started by a letter you receive
  3. A Defence in the Darkness<s> (30) - Earn Ward of Justice<s>.

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