Theobomos (Aion Quest Series)  

Aion: The Elyos Quest Series
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Quest Series
Starting ZoneTheobomos
Rec. Levels21 to 50
Previous Verteron
Next Eltnen
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Quest Series
For campaign quests in this zone, see Elyos Campaign Quests in Theobomos.

The quests in the Eltnen quest series and the Theobomos quest series are not, either one, by themselves enough to take you from 20 to 40. The two zones overlap. When you reach an impasse in one, where you are not high enough to do the quests you have, go to the other. By going back and forth between them you will level smoothly through these regions. When you reach 25 you can also add some quests from the Reshanta Quest Series.

Levels 20-25

Meniherk Excavation Union Camp


  1. Unearthing the Truth (20)
  2. Kerubar Interference (21)
  3. The Shugo Fugitive (22)
  4. A Clue Left by the Dead (23, min. 23)
  5. [Group] Eliminating a Suspect (24)

starts in Sanctum with Liyterses

  1. Chasing a Criminal (20)
  2. Wicked Thief Kelaino (21)


  1. Agrint Afire (22)
  2. Gathering Essence of Flame (23, Repeatable 0/100)



  1. Pests Among the Vegetables (22)
  2. Meat the Viragos (25)
  3. The Spice Must Flow (25)

Wanted Poster Bulletin Board

Repeatable Quests
LevelQuest NameQuest NPCTargets
21Kuomonerk's Side JobKuomonerkGolems and Spiners
23A Few Good PensThesalyViragos
23A Map Made of StoneTalosHarvesting
23Gathering Essence of FlameAnkisesAgrints and Rotrons
24A Hair-Raising SoundChaurinrinerkAnubite Seekers and Unfest Sentinels
  • These are all repeatable to a max of 100 times.

The Scorchlands


  1. Suffering Elim (23)
  2. Free From Suffering (23)

Levels 43-50

Parched Barrens


Observatory Village

Dania <Manastone Remover>

Gaix <Centurion>

  1. Clearing the Route (45, Repeatable 0/10) - Decrease the dangers in the Parched barrens.

Atropos <Aetheric Field Protector>

Caochenrinerk <Meniherk Excavation Union>

Noridia <Sentinel>

  1. A Sentinel's Predicament (46, min. 45, Repeatable 0/15)
  2. Hunting the Long Tongue (46, min 45)

Carmen <Bounty Hunter>

  1. Matching the Plumage (46, min. 46)
  2. To Hope Once More (46, min. 46)

Nausikaa <Soul Healer>

  1. Searching for the Elder of Wisdom (49, min. 48)

Bulletin Board

Josnack's Vigil

Josnack <Daeva of Sculpture>

Bounty Hunter Campsite

Melleas <Calydon Hunter>

  1. Culling the Calydons (47, min 46)
  2. Gold Molar (47, min 46)

Anangke Excavation Camp

Shaorunerk <Meniherk Excavation Union>

Jiufarinerk <Meniherk Excavation Union>

Sneeze Crater

Levels 47-50

Jamanok Inn

Tityus <Bounty Hunter>

Oileus <Bounty Hunter>

Nagrunerk <Bounty Hunter>

Wanted Posters

Marla Cave

Koreumtor <Sage>

Item-Triggered Quests

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