The Plane of Innovation  

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The Plane of Innovation

The Plane of Innovation in its current state is an industrialized land of clockworks. Many gnomes rising into a perfect state of mind with machinery have been allowed access here. In the Plane their imaginations feed off the plane itself. Their creations have become wilder and more absurd than anything they could have ever dreamed up back on Norrath. The machines of their creations have become very powerful and control most of the activities in the factory. Outside the factory is a spare parts area. Many rogue clockworks live in this area. First series robots that have been discarded, rummage through all the parts to find any that may be of use to them. The machines of the junkyard serve only themselves, seeking to maintain and better themselves. Caution should be taken when traveling through here because the parts they seek they may see in you.

One gnome in particular has made this place his home. Nitram Anizok seems to enjoy the conditions here, and thrives on the ability to tinker from parts that appear to be completely worthless. It is no secret of his, that he is constructing a massive machine for reasons unknown to all but him.

Giwin Mirakon is a prominent gnome in the junkyard. He has been sent by Rallos to commission the factory to build a machine of massive destruction. This ultimate weapon has been finished and is currently being powered in its lab. Giwin awaits it to approve. He seems very agitated and very eager to get out of this plane and back onto the war fields of the Plane of War.

The lore from inside the factory is more clouded. It seems there are clockworks that seek to learn from humanoids. They wish to learn how humanoids work so that they might improve upon themselves. A massive factory is in constant motion producing a machine in a central area. Steam filled hallways are dangerous to all but the machines that have created them.


The tale of Meldrath has long been told in Ak'Anon. Meldrath was actually one name for two young gnomes, twins actually, who were connected at the chest. One boy's heart was as pure as the waters of the Vasty Deep and his eyes shone with a beautiful light; the other's heart was as cold as ice and his eyes were as black as two pools of oil.

They lived in peace, gliding through Ak'Anon wrapped in each other's arms like slow dancers. But Meldrath's mother constantly sought a way to disconnect them wanting to have two complete sons instead of one. One day, Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane, ruler of the Plane of Mischief, disguised himself as a healer and gave their mother a magic sword to disconnect her sons. She ran home and finding them asleep, plunged the sword between them. Both were unharmed and the two rubbed their eyes sleepily. She rejoiced.

But as she looked from one to the other she noticed for the first time that one was sweet and pure and the other dark and ugly. One looked at her with loving, sweet eyes and the other with hate. Suddenly the sweet Meldrath began to rise into the air. His mother tried to hold him down to keep him from floating away, but the ugly Meldrath bit her leg and stomped on her foot.

The beautiful Meldrath rose up out of the caverns of Ak'Anon and into the sky and disappeared. The ugly Meldrath was cast out by his angry mother and rejected by the people of Ak'Anon. He traveled to the east coast of the Steamfont Mountains and built his fort, vowing to take vengeance on the people who rejected him.

As for the beautiful Meldrath, he was finally found in the Plane of Innovation where, by Bristlebane's good humor, he found a new home. [1]

Meldrath: The Marvelous

After his separation with his evil conjoined twin, the good Meldrath ascended into the planes. What deity is responsible for his ascension is unknown, but most attribute the act to Bristlebane Fizzlethorpe, the deity that provided Meldrath's mother with the means to separate her sons.

A demi-plane came into existence as the good Meldrath ascended to the realms of the gods. This young demi-plane, the Plane of Innovation, was ideally suited for the purest and brightest of any gnome to ever walk the face of Norrath, and its ruler was to be Meldrath the Marvelous.

Meldrath matured from his childhood in his new home surrounded by clockwork companions of his own design and an endless stockpile of supplies for which to tinker marvels never before imagined by mortal or god. For decades Meldrath the Marvelous tirelessly planned and constructed his mechanical marvels while his brother, Meldrath the Malignant, honed his magical abilities on Norrath and sought the whereabouts of his lost "perfect"sibling. Eventually through his intensive study and mastery of spells dealing with teleportation, translocation, and the planes, Meldrath the Malignant discovered what had become of his lost brother. The rage and hatred that festered in Meldrath the Malignant's black heart overcame him and he was driven mad with jealousy and a desire to best his "perfect" brother that had been gifted as a child with immortality.

While his brother was gifted with an amazing mind for logic, reason, and invention, Meldrath the Malignant was gifted, or some would say cursed, with passion, a thirst for power, and a talent for the magical arts. It was not long before he found a way to penetrate the barrier between worlds and enter the Plane of Innovation to seek his revenge. Meldrath the Malignant quietly performed a ritual in the confines of his study at the Library Mechanamagica and unbeknownst to the Eldrich Collective or his own pupils, transported himself to the Plane of Innovation.

Cloaked in magical darkness and silence, Meldrath the Malignant slipped past the clockwork guards and alarm systems with ease, not realizing that he surely would have been detected if not for his resemblance to his goodly brother, the clockworks did not recognize the look of hatred in the evil Meldraths eyes or see deep enough to notice his sickly black heart. Thus Meldrath the Malignant moved unhindered through the Plane of Innovation, sabotaging the creations of Meldrath the Marvelous and stealing many of his diagrams and plans for mechanical constructs.

When his work was done, Meldrath the Malignant hastily retreated from the Plane of Innovation but by some mishap of his teleportation spell, ended up in a place called New Tanaan. The planar city baffled the already mad gnome so he stuck to the shadows cloaked again in magical darkness and silence. Huddled quietly out of sight, Meldrath the Malignant observed magic the likes of which he had never seen, and thus immediately desired to possess it.

Stealing a magical tome and the reagents necessary for his teleportation spell from a Teir'Dal inhabitant of New Tanaan, Meldrath once again performed his ritual to return home and this time succeeded in arriving at his study in Ak'Anon.

In order to prevent his fellow sorcerers of the Eldrich Collective from discovering his pilfered clockwork diagrams and Teir'Dal tome, Meldrath the Malignant gathered his most prized possessions from his study and snuck deep into the mines beneath Ak'Anon to study the tome that would bring the secrets of the dark arts of Necromancy to the Gnomes of Ak'Anon. After his brother's retreat from the Plane of Innovation, it quickly became apparent to Meldrath the Marvelous that something was amiss. Meldrath hastily attempted to undo the damage that had been wrought but was overcome by the sabotaged machinations and imprisoned by his own creations. It is in this prison within the plane of his own design where Meldrath the Marvelous remains in captivity. [2]

Xanamech Nezmirthafen

This is the creation of Nitram Anizok. He wants to power it up and test to make sure it is working. To power up this clockwork dragon, adventurers need to assist Nitram with his research.

Manaetic Behemoth

(The Ultimate Weapon)

The Ultimate Weapon is the creation of the factory. As adventurers enter the Plane of Innovation, power carriers bring energy to power up this monstrosity. It emits bursts of energy, making it dangerous to lurk too close to it. [3]

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