The Abyss Quiz (Aion Quest)  

Elyos Campaign
Elyos Only
Cannot be shared.
Cannot be abandoned.
Start Zone: Sanctum
Start Place: Lyceum
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This quest is unlocked when you complete the previous quest in the chain, Test Your Mettle.
Level 25 The Abyss Quiz
  1. Talk with Jucleas.
  2. Talk with Gromoros (PW/AA) and take his test.
  3. Talk with Nestor and take his test.
  4. Talk with Xenophon and take his test.
  5. Talk with Fuchsia.
High Priest Jucleas told you to meet with some of the scholars in the Library of the Sages so ou could take a small series of tests. You must first meet Gromoros.
 Basic Reward
Abyss Points
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    All quests reward XP but NCSoft is fond of changing the amounts frequently, to the point that it is simply not wise to try to track the exact amount in a wiki.

    Quest Notes

    Don't get too stressed out over these "tests". If you miss an answer he will ask it again, with your incorrect answer removed, until you get it right.

    Gromoros' Questions:

    1. What created the Abyss?
      • The Destruction of the Tower of Eternity.
    2. How does the Abyss pose a threat to Atreia?
      • It is draining the Aetheric energy from Atreia.
    3. Which statement is false?
      • The third statement, "The atmosphere of the Abyss significantly weakens anyone who enters", is false.

    Nestor's Questions:

    1. When was the Abyss created?
      • During the Cataclysm.
    2. Where was the first permanent gateway to the Abyss constructed?
      • Verteron.
    3. Which legion was the first to discover Asmodae?
      • The Storm Legion, led by Deltras.

    Xenophon's Questions:

    1. How can one ultimately control a fortress?
      • Defeat the Guardian Deity General
    2. Which "fact" is false?
      • The third statement, "Occupying a fortress automatically gives you control over nearby Artifacts", is false.
    3. Which statement is untrue?
      • The third statement, "The weakened atmosphere and gravity allows a Daeva to fly as long as they wish without tiring", is false.

    Test Your Mettle Elyos Campaign
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    Abyss Entry Quest
    Deliver On Your Promises
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