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Vanguard Mob

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{{VG Mob|


Among valid types are: Monster, Quest Monster, Quest NPC, NPC, Named Mob, etc. For a list of all currently used types, see Category:VG Mob Types
See Category:VG Races
levellow and levelhigh
The min and max levels this mob appears as. If the mob is always the same level, such as Named Mobs and NPCs, you can leave levelhigh blank.
This is a number, from 0 to 7, that indicates the difficulty of the encounter as follows.
  • 0 (no dots) This is an NPC. If you should choose to attack it, you have no idea how hard or easy it might be!
  • 1 (one dot) Easy Solo. Your momma could handle this one.
  • 2 (two dots) Solo. Will offer a challenge, but nothing you can't handle. Watch out for adds!
  • 3 (three dots) Hard Solo. You might want to have a friend or two with you.
  • 4 (four dots) Group. Designed for a full group.
  • 5 (five dots) Hard Group. Designed for a full group of well-geared adventurers.
  • 6 (six dots) Epic. Designed for a full raid force.
  • 7 (seven dots) Hard Epic. It does not get any tougher than this. I hope you brought an army...
The name of the Chunk this mob is found in. See Category:VG Chunks. Also, the mob will be added to a category under Category:VG Mobs by Chunk.
The name of the Point of Interest where this mob can always be found. Leave blank if this is a mob found in more than one area.
The in-game location (use /loc to obtain) of this mob's spawn point.
(LIST) of quests this NPC starts. Be sure to use {{VGQuest|}}!
(LIST) of quests this NPC is involved in but does not start. Be sure to use {{VGQuest|}}!
(LIST) of factions that will increase if you kill this Mob. Be sure to use {{VGFaction|}}!!
(LIST) of factions that will decrease if you kill this Mob. Be sure to use {{VGFaction|}}!

List formatting: A list should be started on the line following the field name, and each line of the list should be preceded with an asterisk. Here is an example:

  • {{VGQuest|A Stitch In Time}}
  • {{VGQuest|One More For The Woad}}

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