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{{EQ Achievement

All pages using this template can be found in Category:Achievements (unless nolink)



One of Combat, Exploration, General, Quests, Slayer, Tradeskills or Triumphs. See Category:Achievements by Category.
(optional) Not every category uses this. The ones that do use it for the name of the expansion. See Category:Achievements by Subcategory.
(optional) IF this Achievement is WHOLLY contained in a single zone, name it here. See Category:Achievements by Zone.
Some Achievements are not visible to you in your Quest Journal until you complete an earlier Achievement. All Slayer Achievements are this way, but we should probably not bother entering those, as they can be done in the template. If category is other than Slayer and an Achievement unlocks this one, enter it in this field.
Completion of some Achievements will unlock another in your Quest Journal. Put the name of the next Achievement in the series here.
(optional) url, without the domain, of an icon image on our system. See Slayer Achievements for information on how to find this value. If used this takes precedence over iconname and ribbon/medal/attachment.
iconname=, ribbon=, medal=, attachment=
(optional) See Images, below. You can omit all four of these fields IF the icon is attached to the current page.
The number of Achievement Points awarded by completion of this Achievement.
Like it says. This is the line directly under the Achievement Title. Optional ONLY if category=Slayer.
(optional) If non-blank, this achievement is only available on PvP-enabled servers.
(optional) Many PvP Achievements deal with kills against a specific player archetype. name it here.
targetrace=, pluralrace=
(optional) If this is a Slayer Achievement, put the name of the race here. This links to the Race page, and drives the display of EQ Slayer Table.
column1=, column2=
(optional) If you select an incomplete Achievement, the requirements for completion are listed in 2 columns. These need to be formatted by YOU. The template just puts what you give it into one of two table cells. If you want POIs linked, you have to link them. Same goes for Mob names or whatever it is. Be sure to use <br /> for line breaks!
(optional) If this Achievement rewards a title, enter it here. If this Achievement has NO rewards, put an X in this field.
(commalist) List of items rewarded by completing this achievement.
(commalist) List of items you are offered a choice of when completing this achievement.

Additional Parameters


I doubt this will ever be used, but I included it. If non-blank, the page will be added to Category:EverQuest II, but nothing else.



There are four ways to get the icon for the Achievement page, depending on the type of Achievement and the type of icon.

For Slayer achievements we can use the icon image id right out of our db, since they are all body part icons. See Slayer Achievements, below, for full details.

For Exploration and a few others, the icon is a medal, built up out of 3 distinct parts: the ribbon, medallion and attachment

For the rest, we can either use our Wiki Icon handling, or upload an image to the media tab of the page and the template will use that as an icon. For either of these last two options, the icon must be exactly 42x42 or it will not be positioned correctly.

If iconname is used, the page pointed to should be named "iconname (EQ Achievement Icon)", and should contain the following template code, which will add it to Category:EQ Achievement Icons:



The medal is built in layers, frame first, then ribbon, medal, and attachment, and finally the disk for the points and the points.

All icons involved in creating the medal can be found in Category:EQ Medal Icons, and the icon page should contain the following template call:



All Ribbon icons should be 32x36. Position of the Ribbon is adjusted depending on if the Medallion is Triangle or Round.


All Medallions should be 32x28. Only Round and Triangle support attachments.


All Attachment icons should be 21x21

Slayer Achievements

You can leave description and points blank IF targetrace has a value. targetrace is what the template uses to decide if this is a Slayer Achievement. Be sure to also use pluralrace so we use proper plurals. It is recommended that you use iconname for the "head" icon so that you can copy the first page and just paste it into the other seven without needing to upload the head icon eight times.

Slayer achievements all use the image from a body part item as their icon. If you can find the item, you can use the icon directly. Here is how.

First, find the item. For this example, we will use an aviak feather. Now, click on the Raw Dump tab to see the actual db contents, and look for a line that looks like this: 'icon' => '/images/Icons/icon_item_151.jpg',

The second part of that, /images/Icons/icon_item_151.jpg, without the single quotes and the comma, is the part you need. Now, put that in the itemicon= field and you're done.

A table under the main box will be added for all 8 Slayer Achievements for that race.

For each race, there will be a category created, under Category:Slayer Achievements by Race. When making the pages for anew race, there will be a redlinked category created. Follow the redlink and add the following on that page:


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