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Style Cards are consumable slot items that will permanently alter your appearance (until changed by another style card). There are two methods of obtaining Style Cards: through the Coin Shop with gold, or through the Station Cash Marketplace. Some Style Cards are restricted by gender or race, but the selections are much more robust than that of character creation.

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Using a Style Card

To use a style card, open up your job toolbar using C on the keyboard. To the right of the "About Me" icon is a button in the shape of a card; this is the style card menu.

Style Card button on the job toolbar
Style Card Menu
Style Card Menu
Previewing the Card
Previewing the Card
Once you're in the menu, you can navigate through the various Style Card slots to select the appropriate one(s) to change. When you select a card, it will place it in the slot, but not consume it yet. This is the chance to take in a final preview of your changes before finalizing it!
Accept Changes Button
Accept Changes Button
Revert Changes Button
Revert Changes Button
Now that you've previewed your item, you have two choices: to Accept Changes or Revert Changes. Accepting the changes will permanently alter your appearance until another Style Card is applied in that slot. It will also consume the card, removing it from your inventory. Reverting the changes will make it so the preview change is not applied, and the Style Card will remain in your inventory.
Whatever your choice, now you are done! You can exit out of the Style Card Menu or continue to browse and/or apply other Style Cards.

Style Card Merchants

It is important to note that all items from these merchants are members-only. (Note: These cards are now available in the Coin Shop instead of a specific merchant. The merchant pages are being left in tact for easy browsing of the different card types.)

Marketplace Cards

There are various style cards for sale in the Station Cash Marketplace. Each purchase you make has two cards, giving you a bit more flexibility to switch to another style for a while, and then back. Style Cards in the marketplace can be used by everyone.

The list of marketplace cards is currently a work in progress as we try to locate in-game images of each style!

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