Stealthy Despoilers (FR Battle)  

Stealthy Despoilers
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There is a video walkthrough of this battle available here.
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Stealthy Despoilers

Click on Stealthy Despoiler in Seaside to begin this battle.

Ghost ninjas are attacking tourists! Head in and defeat them!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Coins 64 Stars 100 

Primary: Find and defeat all of the stealthy ninjas.Coins 22 Stars 12 

Don't get knocked out 3 times!
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Prize Wheel Rewards

General Purpose


There are four Stealthy Despoilers in the encounter to start, all of them hiding behind objects. As you approach one of them, they will come out of hiding and spawn two Stealthy Prowlers. Stealthy Despoilers have much more health than the Prowlers.

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