Potions (LotRO)  

Lord of the Rings Online

There are many potions available to aid you in your adventure. Some will restore your Morale or Power, while others can remove harmful effects from you or your companions.


11Lesser Athelas Essence<s>
+100 - 200 Morale
Lesser Celebrant Salve<s>
+100 - 150 Power
Lesser Athelas Extract<s>
+200 - 300 Morale
Lesser Celebrant Ointment<s>
+200 - 250 Power
215Simple Athelas Essence<s>
+200 - 300 Morale
Simple Celebrant Salve<s>
+200 - 250 Power
Simple Athelas Extract<s>
+300 - 400 Morale
Simple Celebrant Ointment<s>
+300 - 350 Power
325Greater Athelas Essence<s>
+300 - 400 Morale
Greater Celebrant Salve<s>
+300 - 350 Power
Greater Athelas Extract<s>
+400 - 500 Morale
Greater Celebrant Ointment<s>
+300 - 350 Power
435Refined Athelas Essence<s>
+400 - 500 Morale
Refined Celebrant Salve<s>
+400 - 450 Power
Refined Athelas Extract<s>
+500 - 600 Morale
Refined Celebrant Ointment<s>
+500 - 550 Power
545Distilled Athelas Essence<s>
+500 - 600 Morale
Distilled Celebrant Salve<s>
+500 - 550 Power
Distilled Athelas Extract<s>
+600 - 750 Morale
Distilled Celebrant Ointment<s>
51Infused Athelas Essence<s>
+600 - 750 Morale
Infused Celebrant Salve<s>
+600 - 650 Power
Infused Athelas Extract<s>Infused Celebrant Ointment<s>
658Pure Athelas Essence<s>
+750 - 900 Morale
Pure Celebrant Salve<s>Pure Athelas Extract<s>Pure Celebrant Ointment<s>
60Potent Athelas Essence<s>
900 - 1100 morale
Potent Celebrant Salve<s>
800 - 900 Power
Potent Athelas Extract<s>Potent Celebrant Ointment<s>
765Steeped Athelas Essence<s>
+1100 - 1200 Morale
Steeped Celebrant Salve<s>
+900 - 1000 Power
Steeped Athelas Extract<s>Steeped Celebrant Ointment<s>
All healing potions can be crafted by Scholars. Extracts and Ointments come from Critical Success results. All four types can also be received as quest rewards. All healing potions have a 2 minute cooldown.

Curing Draughts

Strength Cured
110Lesser Healing Draught<s>Lesser Milkthistle Draught<s>Lesser Conhuith Draught<s>Lesser Lhinestad Draught<s>
220Simple Healing Draught<s>Simple Milkthistle Draught<s>Simple Conhuith Draught<s>Simple Lhinestad Draught<s>
330Greater Healing Draught<s>Greater Milkthistle Draught<s>Greater Conhuith Draught<s>Greater Lhinestad Draught<s>
440Refined Healing Draught<s>Refined Milkthistle Draught<s>Refined Conhuith Draught<s>Refined Lhinestad Draught<s>
550Pure Healing Draught<s>Pure Milkthistle Draught<s>Pure Conhuith Draught<s>Pure Lhinestad Draught<s>
55Distilled Healing Draught<s>Distilled Milkthistle Draught<s>Distilled Conhuith Draught<s>Distilled Lhinestad Draught<s>
660Brewed Healing Draught<s>Brewed Milkthistle Draught<s>Brewed Conhuith Draught<s>Brewed Lhinestad Draught<s>
65Infused Healing Draught<s>Infused Milkthistle Draught<s>Infused Conhuith Draught<s>Infused Lhinestad Draught<s>
775Steeped Healing Draught<s>Steeped Milkthistle Draught<s>Steeped Conhuith Draught<s>Steeped Lhinestad Draught<s>
Curing Draughts can be purchased from Healers or crafted by Scholars. All draughts have a 30 second cooldown. Salves are also available at each of the tiers listed. The Maximum Strength Cured is the highest negative effect that can be removed. If you examine the effect on you the strength is displayed in parentheses and is usually the level of the monster that hit you with it. Draughts have no minimum level for use but as the higher tier draughts are more expensive you would do well to use level-appropriate draughts.

Prior to Enedwaith the difference was that draughts could only be used on yourself but salves could be used on a target. After Enedwaith all draughts will also affect your target (or yourself if you have no target). Salves are still in the game and can be purchased but no longer have any special purpose.

Elemental Defence Potions

TierAmount of
1100Potion of Ringdirith<s>Potion of Ruindirith<s>Potion of Lachdirith<s>Potion of Nordirith<s>

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