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Each pet has one of four personalities: Friendly, Lazy, Nervous, or Excited. The different personalities will dictate how your pet behaves overall.

  • Friendly: Your pet will often show their affection for you and will be more outgoing and open to other players, NPCs, and pets.

  • Lazy: Your pet will be more likely to take a snooze when stationary for too long, and likely won't walk around checking out its surroundings as much.

  • Nervous: Your pet will crouch down a lot and glance around nervously, and generally be more wary and/or scared of other people and things around it.

  • Excited: Your pet will be louder (barking, meowing) and much more active than any other pet. Excited dogs will frequently jump and chase their tail, for example.

For all pets, it is usually best to preview them first with a trial, just to find out if their traits fit in with what you are expecting.

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