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Can non-members own a pet?

You do not have to purchase a membership to own a pet. Pets can be purchased with Station Cash at any local Adoption Center, or at the Market Place.

What are pets for?

Pets are for having a fun companion on Free Realms. They are not a necessity, but add a dynamic element to the game play.

What types of pets can I own?

Cats and dogs are currently available in Free Realms.

  • Check out all of the Adoption Centers for galleries of pictures for each pet available!

Can my character only own one pet?

Your character can own multiple pets; however, you can only have one pet out at a time.

Can all my characters use my new pet?

Your pet is only available to the character that you purchased your pet with. You cannot share your pet with other characters on your account. However, you can purchase pets for each character. Make sure you are signed in with the character you wish to have that pet assigned to before purchasing your pet.

I bought a pet but cannot find it!

You can summon your pet by clicking on the pet icon found at the bottom of your screen. The pet icon appears as a leash.

Can I delete my pet?

You cannot delete a pet once purchased. You can dismiss your pet by clicking the small X on your pet house, located at the middle right of your screen.

Can my pet die?

Your pet cannot die. Your pet will become unhappy when not fed or groomed, so ensure that you are caring for it properly.

I've just purchased a pet. What should I do now?

You will need to learn how to care for your pet, as well as how teach your pet tricks. Merchants are available to purchase supplies at the Adoption Center as well.

Do pets have personalities?

Pets have a general personality description when viewing the pet before purchase. Lazy, friendly, excited, and nervous are some of the personalities available. Your pet will exhibit common characteristics based on their personality description. A sudden change in your pet's personality can alert you that your pet needs attention. For example, a pet with a personality described as excited can become very quiet, or a lazy pet may start jumping around and barking if they are unhappy.

What are those little pictures over my pet?

Dogs and cats communicate with you through "thought bubbles". These bubbles will alert you when your pet is hungry, or needs grooming. The thought bubbles are a fun way to see what your pet finds interesting in the world as well.

My pet is always sad...Help!!

Pets will exhibit the frown face when their needs have not been met. Most problems will occur when grooming your pet. Press and hold your left mouse button (your mouse will turn into a scrub brush), and scrub by moving your scrub brush across your pet, (after clicking the "clean" icon), when grooming.

Do pets enter battles?

Pets do not have combat abilities. Pets provide you with a run speed bonus when their happiness is 50% or above.

Do pets really help you find treasure?

They do! Your pet will exhibit a collections thought bubble when a collection is close by. Your pet will run to the collection, stand over, and alert you with their collections thought bubble. The collection thought bubble is the same image as your collections book.

Pets will also find treasure chests when you are traveling out and about. Keeping your pet very happy increases the chance of your pet finding a treasure. All pets will find treasure (not just the ones that have the "lets find treasure together" in their buy description).

Once you discover a treasure chest location that your pet finds, you can stand there and your pet will find another chest again periodically.

Be careful to not outrun your pet if you are using a speed buff! You may miss your pet's thought bubbles if you do.

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