Odium In The Dukaki Settlement (Aion Quest)  

Elyos Campaign
Elyos Only
Cannot be shared.
Cannot be abandoned.
Start Zone: Verteron
Start Place: Verteron Citadel
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This quest is unlocked when you reach level 10
Level 14 Odium In The Dukaki Settlement
  1. Speak with Leto
  2. Defeat Dukaki Miners (0/9)
  3. Take the Bell Strike Rod (PW/AA) from Tursin Sentry (PW/AA) and ring the bell, then take potions from Overseer Barbarti (PW/AA) and pour them into the cauldrons.
  4. Talk with Leto
  5. Talk with Spatalos
Order: Receive instructions from Leto to stop the Dukaki Kobolds from refining Odium.
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You must be at least Level 10 to open or receive this quest. See Elyos 10 for more quests that can be started at this same level.

Quest Notes

Dukaki Miners - There is at least one Dukaki Miner in each pit, along with one Tursin Sentry (PW/AA) walking in a circle, and several Dukaki Peons. Another Sentry will path around the top of several pits, so he is less frequent. The Tursins and other Peons and such are NOT social with the Miners and will not aid them! Just watch for the patrols and yank em out of there!

Spoiling the Pot - Any Tursin Sentry (PW/AA) will drop the Bell Strike Rod (PW/AA). When you ring the bell at the bottom of the stone ramp, Overseer Barbarti (PW/AA) will spawn immediately and attack. Bring friends. She has been nerfed and is now totally soloable.

Pouring the Potions - To "pour the potions" just move into the space between the 3 cauldrons and use the solvent from your inventory.

Elyos Campaign
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Mark of Revenge
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