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The Norrath Global Map

The Map of the world of Norrath is an image that can be found in rare areas around the world in Everquest. It appears in globe or flatened map form in the Plane of Time B, Hate's Fury, Veeshan's Peak and several other zones. While the in game atlas provides a higher quality map of the known world, these rare global in game maps provide something the atlas does not, a view of the other side of Norrath.

The Eastern Hemisphere

What one can presume is the Eastern Hemisphere via the in game globes and maps is the side of Norrath we are most familiar with. The continents shown on this side of the globe are Antonica, Faydwer, Odus, Kunark and Velious. Basically the old world along with the RoK, SoV, LoY, LDoN, DoN, DoD, PoR, TSS, TBS and SoF expansions are all represented on this one side of the globe. The continents of Antonica, Faydwer, Odus and Kunark are all clustered around the equator on the Northern Hemisphere while Velious is in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere.

The Western Hemisphere

The other side of the globe is the least represented in Everquest, only the continent of Taeloesia has been discovered on the western hemisphere and it is presumed it is one of the smaller continents shown on that side of the globe, believed to be the eastern most landmass on the southern hemisphere. There are four more continents shown on this side of Norrath that have not been discovered or explored in Everquest to this date, three of them are on the southern hemisphere are are of a similiar size as Taeloesia. The fourth unknown continent and the only one in the northern hemisphere is huge however, being about the size of Antonica, Faydwer and Odus combined if not larger and taking up most of the Northern hemisphere of that side of the globe. Considering the problems involved in traversing the Abysmal Sea and the position of the continents it would seem most likely that travel to these unknown continents would require going east from Faydwer or Kunark, or going North across Norrath's North Pole from northern Antonica, Faydwer or Odus.

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