New Wings (Aion Quest)  

Elyos Campaign
Elyos Only
Cannot be shared.
Cannot be abandoned.
Start Zone: Reshanta
Start Place: teminon Fortress
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This quest is unlocked when you reach level 32
Level 37 New Wings
  1. Talk with Tellus.
  2. Find the Tigraki Island and see Agemonerk.
  3. Find Raithor who has gone missing.
  4. Talk with Raithor.
  5. Talk with Agemonerk.
 Basic Reward
Abyss Points
196,620 Kinah
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You must be at least Level 32 to open or receive this quest. See Elyos 32 for more quests that can be started at this same level.

All quests reward XP but NCSoft is fond of changing the amounts frequently, to the point that it is simply not wise to try to track the exact amount in a wiki.

Quest Notes

Tigraki Island is north of the upper layer of Reshanta, on an unmapped island, at 519, 1116, 2838. The easiest way to find it is to fly to the western edge of Sword's Edge and look west. You can just see the island.

When you talk to Agemonerk he will give you a pair of his test wings and you fly on automatic to Raithor in the Eye of Reshanta (and the wings are FAST). When you talk to her, however, you will be instantly attacked by two Ranx Archers (so be prepared)! They were red to me at 32 but I never got a chance to see what level they actually were. However it plays out (you kill them or they kill you) the quest should update.

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