Music (LotRO)  

Lord of the Rings Online

To play music in LotRO you need to do a few things first:

  • Buy an Instrument Skill from your Class Trainer NPC
  • Buy the Basic Instrument (to match) from any Bard NPC
  • Equip your Instrument in your Ranged slot
  • Create the C:\Users\youruserid\Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Music directory (if you do not have it, typing /music for the first time will create the directory)
  • Make some abc song files in your music directory (see The Fat Lute if you need some songs). They need to have the .txt file extension.
  • Enter music mode by typing /music
  • Start a song with /play songname

See also: The Fat Lute - a site dedicated to the in-game music system in LotRO.

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