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Lord of the Rings Online

There are many fine mounts available in Lord of the Rings Online; horses, ponies, and even more exotic mounts.

Riding Trait: With Vol. III Book 2 (The Enedwaith/F2P patch) you can buy the Riding trait at level 5 from the LotRO Store. VIP players do not have to pay but if they don't they will have to wait till 20 and complete a simple quest to get the Riding Trait.

After you have the Riding trait, talk to Eogar, son of Hadorgar at Hengstacer Farm to purchase a horse. The price varies depending on your subscription level, certain items, and other possible bonuses such as the Passive Skill, Mount Discount<s>, which gives a 60% discount for any mount offered by Eogar. A VIP with no other discounts will pay 200Silver  for the slow horse or 500Silver  for one of the fast ones. (we believe you get Mount Discount automatically at 35. We are not entirely sure, but this lowers the costs to 50s and 200s, respectively). Purchasing the 200s Bree-starter mount will not earn the discount, however. ONLY one of the mounts worth 500s will count.

Many mounts are also available for rental in the LotRO Store. For casual players this may be the best option, renting a horse only when you really need to travel in a large area. Mounts may be rented for 6 hours, 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days, with prices starting at 75Turbine Points ($0.75)  (12.5TP/hour) to 595Turbine Points ($5.95)  (.825TP/hour) for an Average steed.

Horses available at Hengstacer Farm:

'5 Meta mounts, 9 Festival mounts, Skeleton mount, 2 PvMP mounts, Starter Pony + 4 initial mounts + book 15 mount= 23 + reputation mounts (Thorin's Hall, Bree-land, 2 in Moria, Mirkwood, Enedwaith, Annuminas, The Shire, Forochel, Angmar) ~ 33 mounts' - Odlask of Meneldor

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Reputation Mounts

Many of the Free Folk have special mounts that they make available only to those who have attained a certain standing with their faction.

LotRO Store

Both permanent and temporary mounts may be purchased in the LotRO Store. This includes some mounts that were previously only available to those with Reputation with certain factions. Not all mounts are available in the Store at all times. Temporary mounts are an excellent choice for casual or weekend-only players, as they are much less expensive.

Currently, the following four permanent mounts are available in the LotRO Store:

The following temporary mounts are currently available for rent in the LotRO Store:

  • 30% Run-speed Increase
    • 6 hours
      • Crumbling Whistle (Very Slow Steed) for 25Turbine Points ($0.25) 
    • 24 hours
      • Tarnished Whistle (Very Slow Steed) for 75Turbine Points ($0.75) 
    • 7 Days
      • Polished Whistle (Very Slow Steed) for 150Turbine Points ($1.50) 
    • 30 Days
      • Bright Whistle (Very Slow Steed) for 350Turbine Points ($3.50) 
  • 60% Run-speed Increase
    • 6 hours
      • Crumbling Whistle (Average Steed) for 75Turbine Points ($0.75) 
    • 24 hours
      • Tarnished Whistle (Average Steed) for 125Turbine Points ($1.25) 
    • 7 Days
      • Polished Whistle (Average Steed) for 350Turbine Points ($3.50) 
    • 30 Days
      • Bright Whistle (Average Steed) for 595Turbine Points ($5.95) 

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