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Lord of the Rings Online

Starting when at least one of your characters reaches level 15 you have the choice, at login, to choose Monster Play. This allows you to play as one of the bad guys: an Orc, a Spider or a Warg! Monsters have Quests and Deeds but all are level 65. RPG progression is via Corruptions, like Traits, which allow you to customize your monster and make him as bad as his momma (assuming he had a momma) ever dreamed.

Note: In-game slang for Monster Players is Creeps, while regular characters are called Freeps. Some prefer the term softies to describe the freeps. Ya know, soft on the outside with creamy filling inside.

You will begin play in the Ettenmoors, a zone that is mostly controlled by the forces of evil. Each of the forts will have a nearby Rally Circle. Whoever controls the fort controls the circle. There will be a banner at the circle indicating clearly who controls it. Be sure when you approach a circle you check the banner before you run through!

There are many differences from playing a freep, but many similarities too.


  • Creeps do not level. They remain at whatever the current level cap is, but they can rank up by earning Infamy from killing freeps. Just like leveling, at each rank you get access to more skills. Without killing freeps the only way to improve your creep is through Corruptions.

Traits - You do not earn Traits from Deeds. Instead you buy many of them from the Monster Player Trainer with Destiny Points. Still others will need to be bartered for using rare items you will find in your travels.

  • Bard - Corruptor of Gramsfoot - You will need coin to manage your Traits but it costs much less than for normal players.
    • Virtues - Corruptions. Each Race has their own Trainer for these.
    • Legendary - Appearance


  • Instead of using coin to buy your new skills, Monsters use only Destiny Points. You will start with some basic skills but be sure to see the Monster Player Trainer to customize your starting skills. You are given 1,400 DP to help you get started.


  • The Quartermaster can sell you a number of items. Some will be familiar. Others, like Charms for tracking and Salts for immunities/resistances, will be new to you.
  • There are also Potions Traders and Defensive Potions Traders but their wares cannot be bought with bits of metal. They must be bartered for with Dull Spirit Stones<s> and Glimmering Spirit Stones<s>.

Friend vs. Foe

  • Generally, Orc-kind, Troll-kind, Spiders and Worgs will regard you as friendly. This is not an absolute rule.


  • Creeps cannot Revive. They can only be Resurrected by another creep, or they can retreat.
  • Death decreases your Rating but not your Infamy. Rating controls how much Infamy a freep gains by killing you! While it might seem like a good idea to keep your Rating low, Rating actually displays to others and is considered a measure of Bragging Rights (epeen).

see also LOTR Guide The Black Book of Ettenmoor

  • Creeps do get quests, just like the freeps, but they are nearly all repeatable with a 2-hour cooldown, and they usually reward only Destiny Points.
  • Instead of a Ring icon over a NPC's head you will see the Flaming Lidless Eye of Sauron.
  • Failure is not an option - Some quests will display this message in the task list. What this means is that if you are defeated, for any reason be it wild bear or a freep, while the quest is in your log you FAIL. You must get from the quest giver, to the objective and back without dying.


  • Talk to Ongburz Defiler<s> <Breaker of Oaths>
  • Since you start at Level 65 there is not really a delay, there, but buying a Surname will cost you 10Silver  so you won't be doing that on your birth-day.


  • This is the Creep version of a Kinship. See a Tribal Scrivener<s> and pay 102Silver 40Copper  for a Tribe Charter.


  • Creeps do not craft, they plunder!
  • While you cannot harvest resources like the freeps do, you should be on the lookout for other things:
    • Sun-touched Trolls that stayed out too long and became rock. Troll-stone is highly prized by the scrawnies (goblin builders). Some quests will also ask you to gather Troll-stone.
    • Fallen Logs, Fallen Saplings and Fallen Timber can yield Grimwood Logs, Grimwood Roots, Grimwood Kindling and Grimwood Heartwood.

Race/Class Combinations

You can have one Creep of each class, but cannot make more than one of the same class. You have the choice of the following monsters:

  • Uruk
    • Blackarrow - Archer
    • Warleader - Commander
  • Orcs
    • Reaver - Fighter
    • Defiler - Shaman (Healer)
  • Wargs
    • Stalker
  • Spiders
    • Weaver

Conflict in the Ettenmoors

As far as we have seen there are no Quest Arcs for Monsters and all Monsters seem to have the same choices of quests so we will list them by Place and Quest Giver rather than Quest Arc.

One of the first things you may notice reading this page is that some quests appear, almost identically, at more than one place. This is because we may not always control all of the forts!

Also some quests will ask you to kill people or guards at a specific fort. There may be some of them outside and around the fort but in general these quests cannot really be completed unless the freeps take the fort.


Soldier Graus<s>

From time to time the slug's Slime Puddle attack will hit you and fail to set an expiration timer. The only way, at this time, to remove it is to log out and back in.


Taskmaster Krul<s>

War-tyrant Akulhun<s>


Chieftain Durulkum<s>

Taskmaster Fikdag<s>

Fim the Worm<s>

Taskmaster Gukthor<s>


Soldier Gazlup<s> - second floor

Soldier Kafaaz<s>

Tol Ascarnen

On the island in the center of Hoardale.

Quartermaster Apsduf<s>

Taskmaster Raulik<s>

Soldier Kaasak<s>

Soldier Glat<s>

Tirith Rhaw

Just northwest of the Coldfells to the east of Hoardale.

Taskmaster Nursufum<s> - outside

Soldier Fandmau<s> - second floor

Soldier Fandmau<s> - top floor

Grimwood Lumber Camp

Due south of Hoardale.

Taskmaster Ghamp<s>

Chieftain Torbok<s>

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