Lore-master (LotRO Class)  

Critical TypeTactical
RacesElf, Man
Skill LevelAdvanced
RoleCC / Pets
Skills Traits
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Lord of the Rings Online

The November 2010 update changed the animal appearance necklaces to books that, when read, teaches you a new pet-summoning skill to call the new, improved, animal-friend. The book is consumed when read. You will need to switch out the old skill for the new skill on your hotbar to use it! Your pet's name will remain the same.


Many of the Lore-master's skills cause glowing letters or runes to be drawn in the air. Here are translations of a few. No promise that it means anything, but in the past the devs have tended to use the runes by converting english to phonemes, then spelling the phonemes in runes.

Sign of the Wild: RageIt looks like "yuh". The letters are 25, 23 (with an "o" over it) and 9. This would translate as trilled "r", consonant "y", and th, yielding something like ryoth. This is probably "wroth", as in "My raven is quite wroth with you".
Sign of Power: Commandlooks like "pjn", giving us letters 1, and 21 with a vowel between them. The downstroke of the "j" is actually a tehta which is like a placeholder used when a vowel would not write well placed over a consonant as it normally was. The exact sign of the vowel is hard to read but looks like it is the three dots used for vowel "a". This would render the word as "tar", as in a tar pit, or something that mires the feet and slows movement.
Sign of the Wild: ProtectionThe runes are 6, 26, 5 with o, i and a over the 2nd, 3rd and 4th runes. In Quenya this is b-rd-o-i-d-a which makes no sense. In Sindarin it would be b-o-rd-i-a-d which still makes no sense to me. Was this meant to represent "barded" as in the protective armor on a horse?
see also: Tengwar (if you wanna check my work)


  1. A Well-Ordered Mind<s> (15) - rewards the Class trait Hardy Bear.

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