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Loot cards are special cards added to TCGs based on intellectual properties to entice fans of that IP to also purchase cards for the game. Notably, World of Warcraft TCG and Legends of Norrath both offer loot cards for players of WoW and Everquest. The rewards for these special cards are in-game items that are not acquireable through any other means, and generally serve a fun or cosmetic benefit rather than giving a tactical edge to the players.

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World of Warcraft loot cards

WoW loot cards are mostly rare. Recently, Upper Deck Entertainment has chosen to include a few "super common" loot cards that have become fairly popular as well.

Every loot card comes with a scratch-off code that is redeemed at Blizzard's website. The website will then give you a second code that you must repeat to Landro Longshot in Booty Bay to acquire your in-game item. There have been three new loot cards in every expansion of World of Warcraft.

Please be aware that all cards can only be redeemed on ONE character on ONE server.

Heroes of Azeroth

Through the Dark Portal

  • Rest and Relaxation - summonable [[WoW item:Picnic Basket, complete with umbrella.
  • King Mukla - non-combat pet, Bananas the monkey
  • Fortune Telling - Magic Imp-Ball

Fires of Outland

March of the Legion

Servants of the Betrayer

  • Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit - expendable pet biscuits that increase the size of any non-combat pet. (Super-common loot)
  • Personal Weather Maker - machine that makes a random weather pattern follow the player
  • X-51 Nether Rocket - Rocket mount

The Hunt for Illidan

  • The Footsteps of Illidan - expendable item that gives the player a trail of flame in their wake. (Super-common loot)
  • Disco Inferno! - summonable disco ball
  • Ethereal Plunderer - non-combat pet, Ethereal Soul-Trader. This pet harvests souls of fallen and sells specialty items, but is not a standard vendor.

Legends of Norrath

Each Legends of Norrath booster pack has a chance to contain a LoN Loot Card, which is redeemable in EverQuest or EverQuest II for special objects that cannot be obtained any other way.

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