Inspiration (LotRO)  

Lord of the Rings Online

Inspiration is a buff that allows you to do things in Small Fellowships or Solo that would normally require a full Fellowship to accomplish. This buff only appears attached to Epic quests. The buff is actually two buffs, but together they make you almost un-killable. You will regenerate both Morale and Power at a very high rate, damage you receive is reduced greatly, and all of your attacks become mega-powerful. Think of it this way; the Elf-stone levels the playing field by making you harder to kill than they are, and at least as bad-ass.

There are a few caveats:

  • If the quest is for an instance the buff will apply when you enter the instance and vanish when you leave. If the NPC does not send you to the instance you will have to get to it un-buffed.
  • If the quest takes place in the normal world you will probably be given an Elf-stone. Using this places you in an Inspired condition which, when you enter the correct area, grants you the Gifts of Inspiration.
    • You cannot use the Elf-stone until you are at a specific place, usually just outside the area the quest needs you to enter. The buff will NOT appear on you at this moment. A system message in white text will tell you when you can use the stone.
    • As you move out of the area where you can use the stone another message will tell you this but still the buffs do not appear.
    • The buffs appear as you move into the area of the quest, appearing as a white glow emanating from you. There is a 15 minute timer on the Inspired condition. You should have more than enough time to get in, do the quest, and get out. Do not bet on having much more than that and you cannot re-apply the buff, or use Inspiration to do another quest, for 10 minutes due to Exhaustion. In multi-part Epic quests, such as Chapter 5: Hiding in the Dark, where each part needs the buff you have no choice but to wait out the cooldown timer. If you can get out of one and into another before Inspired expires the buffs will reapply but as soon as Inspired wears off so do your buffs. You will have to wait 10 minutes before you can re-use the Elf-stone, become Inspired again and receive the Gifts of Inspiration.

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