Hunter (LotRO Class)  

Critical TypeRanged
RacesDwarf, Elf, Hobbit, Man
Skill LevelModerate
Skills Traits
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Lord of the Rings Online

Thank the Valar that, for once, those that follow the path of the Archer do not have to buy arrows!

At the very edge of bow range the system will sometimes fail to see that the mob CAN find it's way to you. This triggers the Exploit effect and the mob becomes Immune to attack. If this happens move forward a little until the mob starts to move to you.
Reported: 10-2-2010

When you see this icon appear on your UI near the target during a fight it means that you have parried an attack. This opens up certain skills such as Agile Rejoinder.

  • Set Trap - the runes are 5 o 27 e 18 6 a 17 - translation: d o l e m b a n (well, that IS what it says...) In the Sindarin mode it would be d l o m e b n a which makes even less sense.


  1. A Pressing Matter (15)
  2. The Hunter's Path (15) - rewards the Class Trait, Fast Draw.
  3. Another Matter of Importance (30) - started by a letter from Flambard Took
  4. A Hunter's Charge<s> (30) - rewards the Class Trait, Enduring Precision.
  5. Your Legend Grows<s> (40) - rewards a copy of the book, A Shot in the Dark

The Path of the Foe-Trapper

  1. The Path of the Trapper<s> (58)
  2. Blindside<s> (58)
  3. Passage of Foes<s> (58)
  4. Strength of the Earth<s> (58)
  5. Set the Trap<s> (58 )

Guide Skill quests

The Swiftest Arrow quest chain:

  1. The Swiftest Arrow is Learning<s> (50)
  2. A Lesson From Legolas<s> (50) - rewards the Bow of the Righteous<s> Legendary trait
    1. Articles of Discovery (50) - rewards blue bracelet or earring
    2. Implements of the Hunt (50) - rewards blue bow or crossbow

Fire & Light Oil

Troll-kin and the Undead are more susceptible to Light damage!


At level 39 your Class Trainer will sell you 3 books: A Shot in the Dark, The Furthest Charge<s> and The Way of the Hunter<s> for 189Silver 60Copper  each. Buying them starts three Deeds of the same names. You will need to find lost pages on humanoid mobs in the higher zones to complete the books. Completion of each book will grant you a Class Trait. After purchasing the books, you need to talk to Legolas<s> at the Guest House in Rivendell. He will have some advice for you. After speaking to him you will begin to find the pages during your travels.

Tips & Tricks

  • You have the greatest range in the game. Humanoid enemy rangers have a little less than you, and non-humanoid ranged attacks even less than that. If attacking a ranged mob, if you can do it at the very edge of your range the mob will have to move to get you within their range, giving you time to destroy them before they can even start returning the favor.
  • When attacking two mobs, you can:
    1. drop a trap, destroy the archer then move back to extreme range and drop the trapped melee mob.
    2. just destroy the melee trusting to your ranged defense to evade many of the enemy bow attacks, then kill the archer
  • When fighting a strong signature mob: drop a trap then pull him to the trap. If he has too much health, fade back and then nail him. Don't forget Merciful Shot for a finishing move.
  • Always make sure you have good Focus before starting an attack.
  • You have 3 main bow attacks: a slow-fire DOT, a slow-fire double and a fast-fire. lead with the slow DOT and follow with the slow-double EXCEPT vs. ranged mobs. With rangers, follow with the fast-fire as they will get into attack range faster. The point of all attacks is to do as much damage as you can as fast as possible before they do it to you.


The Bowmaster

2) Improved Bow Critical multiplier
3) Increased Bow Critical Multiplier, Strength Stance damage and threat
4) Increased damage, threat, and power cost in Strength Stance 5) Cool Burn (Class Legendary Trait)

The Trapper of Foes

2) Improved In-Combat Power Regeneration
3) Improved Rain of Thorns and Trap Skills, reduced ranged damage
4) Improved Penetrating Shot and Trap Skills, reduced ranges damage
5) Explosive Arrow (Class Legendary Trait)

The Huntsman

2) Reduced Focus loss from movement
3) Improved Strength of the Earth and Bow Inductions
4) Improved Press Onward and Bow Inductions 5) Improved Fleet Stance (Class Legendary Trait)

Legendary Traits

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