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House owners can chose from 4 different neighborhoods - be it a majestic home overlooking a waterfall in Ered Luin, a cozy hobbit-hole in the Shire, a Ranger-style Cabin in Bree, or a house in the underground network of Thorin's Gate. Kinship Halls provide plenty of space for groups to gather after a long day of adventuring. All homes provide the option of additional storage and can be customized inside and out with hundreds of unique items.

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Buying a house

You can only purchase one home per server and need to be at least level 15 to buy. There is a different neighborhood location for each race (Human, Dwarf, Elf & Hobbit) but any race may purchase their home in any location. The neighborhoods are instances and as you go in it will ask which one you would like to enter. Purchasing can be done in one of two ways: talk to a Broker just outside of each neighborhood and see the list of properties or you can go inside each neighborhood instance to see what the different properties look like. Inside the instance, if a property is available you may click on the "for-sale" sign in the front yard. The costs depend on what your looking for; the small houses (2 room) are sold for 1 to 2 gold, Deluxe houses (3 rooms, and sometimes an extra floor) are 7 to 15 gold. You must also pay a weekly upkeep on your house, this varies depending on the house style and can go upwards of 300 silver for a Kinship Hall.

Location: This may be very important to some when it comes to traveling. Because of the free swift travel to your milestone, home town (at a certain level) and your Kinships home (if you are in a Kinship which has a house) you may want to live in a different area so it provides you yet another location to port to. So take your time and remember to stock up on the required traveling rations.

Maintenance: When you are near your home 2 icons show on the lower part of your mini-map (compass at the top-right of your screen), one is for upkeep (and buying extra storage chests) the second puts you into build mode (for applying decorations).

Permissions: You can have up to 50 permissions (including one for yourself & one for Kinship) to your home. In your "Character journal" under "House" click on "permissions". You can tweak each one to what you allow them to do (ie. visit, housing chests, upkeep, decorate & manage permissions).

Chests: The number of chests depends on your house, the basic house can only have 1 chest (for 100s), Deluxe house can have 2 chests (the 2nd costs 500s), and Kinship Halls have 3 chests. These can be used by the current character and anyone you give permission to.

Mailboxes: Every house has a mailbox right outside the front door. But only the owner, or Kinship members for the Kinship Halls can use it.

Abandoning: If for some reason you need to get rid of your house the only way is to abandon it at a complete loss of money (although you do get any advanced upkeep you paid back. You will have to wait 24 before purchasing a new house if you choose to do this, so be careful when picking a house! Don't forget to remove your decorations prior to abandoning.

Kinship Halls

Currently, only the leader of the Kinship may buy a Kinship Hall. These are very expensive, and generally a collection will be taken up to pay for the Hall and upkeep.

Privileges: You get a discount of 5% for being in the same neighborhood with the Kinship Hall.

Upkeep: With permissions setup right, anyone in the Kinship can pay the upkeep. However, there is no way currently to pay just a portion, so if you are going to pay it you must pay it all.


Currently, only decoration items can be displayed within your home, so you cant leave your equipment lying around on the floor. Objects are limited by category (ie. large wall, small floor) for placing on hookds, and costs range from 8 silver to 14 silver from the decoration vendors found in each zone. Decorations can also be crafted from a recipe sold by the same vendors. You can even buy music to play when you are inside the home. To apply your decorations click on the small icon on the mini-map, which looks like a flower, to go into decoration mode to see the available hooks.

Decorating A Kinship Hall: So long as the permissions are set right, and there is room, you may place items in the Kin-home or the outside property, you can even place stuff in the available chests.

Floor and Wall: You can change the floor and wall surfaces or the colors which you can buy from the decoration vendors. Go into decoration mode and find the area in your home that says "Wall color" or "Floor color" (normally near a door/archway) to open a small window. Open your inventory and drag (or right-click) the purchased color or surface for the appropriate area to the small window.

Themes (music)

Ancestral Bonds

Autumn Ale

East of the Sea

Ered Luin - purchased from Homestead vendor in Thorin's Gate.

Hills of the Shire - purchased from Homestead vendor in the Shire.


Prancing Pony - purchased from Homestead vendor in the Bree-land.

Silent Hope

House items

Academic's Bentwood Bookshelf

Academic's Table

Academic's Table


Basket Chandelier

Breakfast Table


Empty Brazier


Iron Brazier

Iron Chandelier

Iron Sconce

Large Brown Rug

Large Red Leaf Rug

Large Red Rug

Large Round Chandlier

Long Academic's Table

Long Table

Painting: Heraldry Painting: Playful Children Pointed Bed Red Chair Red Chest Red Dresser Red Long Chair Red Round Table Red Stool Red Table Reed Vase Round Table Rounded Bed Scholar's Bentwood Bookshelf Scholar's Pointed Bookshelf Scholar's Small Bentwood Bookshelf Short Academic's Table Short Table Silver Candelabra Small Bed Small Brown Rug Small Cupboard Small Red Leaf Rug Small Red Rug Small Stone Fireplace Small Table Small Woven Brown Rug Steel Candlestand Stone Dais Stone Fireplace Tall Iron Candlestand Wooden Armchair Wooden Cart Wooden Chair

Yard items

Autumn Elm Tree Bench Birch Tree Brewer's Wagon Brown Woven Doormat Cedar Tree Dwarf Bench Dwarf Table Elm Tree Farmer's Wagon Four Birch Trees Four Elm Trees Giant Pumpkin Goblin Statue Harvest Statue Hay Stook Haystack Large Empty Wheelbarrow Log-holder Maple Tree Maple Tree-stump Master's Brazier Mossy Well Picnic Bench Picnic Table Pink Rhododendron Scarecrow Shire Oak Tree Small Empty Wheelbarrow Spruce Tree Stone Lilypad Tub Stone Well Sundial Tall Birch Tree Wheelbarrow & Sacks Wooden Beaver Statue Yellow Rhododendron

Floor & Walls

Black Floor Paint Black Wall Paint Dark Green Floor Paint Dark Green Wall Paint Detailed Plaster Wall Floral Tile Floor Floral Wallpaper Gold Floor Paint Gold Wall Paint Grey Diamond Stone Floor Hardwood Floor Indigo Floor Paint Indigo Wall Paint Interlocking Wood Floor IntricateTile Floor Leaf Plaster Wall Lined Stone Wall Marbled Stone Wall Muti-coloured Stone Floor Navy Floor Paint Navy Wall Paint Olive Floor Paint Olive Wall Paint Rust Floor Paint Rust Wall Paint Sienna Floor Paint Sienna Wall Paint Small Cut Stone Floor Square Tile Floor Textured Plaster Wall Umber Floor Paint Umber Wall Paint Violet Floor Paint Violet Wall Paint White Floor Paint White Wall Paint Woodpanel Plaster Wall Wood-plank Stone Wall


Many decoration & furniture recipes are available from all the various reps in the different racial areas to be crafted by Metalsmiths, Woodworkers, Tailors, Scholars, Jewelers and Cooks. Some recipes require very high standing with the rep faction in order to use the recipe, but not to place the crafted item in your house. Also, be aware that some decorations are only for Kinship Halls, like Huge and Enormous Yard items, due to the various hook sizes.







Miscellaneous Information

Gather Areas: Each neighborhood has its own gathering area with a stage and rows of chairs. In the Shire (which has a Party Tree) & Bree neighborhoods there are areas with tents that allow for role playing of a market area.

Discounts: Applies to furnishings for houses, supplies and healer items from all vendors in the neighborhood. It does not apply to the Vault-Keeper's prices for unlocking extra chests. If you have a personal house in the same neighborhood as the kin house, you get the personal house discount plus the kin house discount. You can also buy items your alts need with the owner and place into a chest to be removed by your alt later - just remember to give your alts full access.

Chests: You cannot put bound items in any of the storage chests in your personal or Kinship home.

Original Purchaser Only Rights: Only the character that bought the house gets the travel skill, not your alts, but this may change in the future. Alts also do not get any of the neighborhood vendor discounts.

Address: To share your location with friends that use the neighborhood, search to find your home, just click the "Add to Favorites" button.

Availability: There are currently 250 neighborhoods in each racial community and each neighborhood has 30 houses. Depending on the need additional neighborhoods are possible.

Transfers: Currently there is no way of trading (giving or selling) houses except for abandonment. This is a precaution to gold-farmers and such selling on the AH for excessively high prices.

Escrow: This the holding place for the decorations items that were left in the home after the upkeep runs out. It allows you to draw them out later, after the 24 hour wait, to apply them to your new home.

Better Holes and Dwellings

A new feature to show off your houses, for more information please see Better Holes and Dwellings

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