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The Haunted Burrow

Right behind the ovens at The Party Tree in The Shire is a door to the cellar beneath Bilbo's house at Bag End.

Opal Goodbody<s>Gaffer Gamgee<s>Lobelia Sackville-Baggins<s>

  1. A Cellar Door Appears (10)
  2. Bilbo's Letter (10)
  3. The Haunted Burrow (10)

You may now enter the Haunted Burrow anytime you like. Of course, finding your way out again is another matter...

Within the burrow are four treasure chests which, when opened, will yield tokens, masks, and other Harvestmath goodies. Opening a chest places a 1 hour "debuff" on you which prevents you from opening the same chest again until the timer expires.

  • Poorly Hidden Chest - in the Basement behind a secret door in a wine rack
  • The remaining three chests are all in a single room in the lower floor of the upper levels of the Burrow proper. A Mystery Door will get you there from the Haunted Burrow main cellar but you cannot get there from Bag End.

An excellent map of the Haunted Burrow can be found here at casualstrolltomordor.com

The rest of the Burrow quests, both timed and untimed, are now open to you. They can be repeated once per day.

Timed Burrow Quests

Untimed Burrow Quests

Inn League & Ale Association




Other Activities

In each of the four Festival areas, once an hour you can open a box, bob an apple, pick a pumpkin, or crack open a geode to find goodies. These can be bartered with a Games-master for Festival Tokens.

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