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There are codes published in various places on the web that anyone can redeem for in-game items. It is important to note that many of these codes result in consumables that can only be claimed and used once, per character, and sometimes per account. Be sure you really want to use it before you do! Here are ones we've found so far.

If you're logged into Free Realms you can claim the codes by clicking them.

Scroll down for a video demonstrating how to claim an item in game.

Code Item Type Details
KN78CH2 Striped Shoes Clothing Freestyle
JFRE87J Doggy Bowling T-Shirt Pet Clothing Dogs
CMNJGGE Spidey Snack Consumable 30m Shaggy Spider Illusion
N4PF9R3 Crystal Hammer (level 1) Weapon Brawler
6TNBTGH Bermuda Shorts Clothing Freestyle
FACEBOOKFANS01 Veggie Surprise Consumable 30m Man-Eating Plant Illusion
FACEBOOKFANS02 Froggy Fries Consumable 30m Frog Illusion
FACEBOOKFANS03 Goat Cheese Consumable 30m Goat Illusion
FACEBOOKFANS04 Shadowblade Weapon Ninja
FACEBOOKFANS05 Dynamite Tool Miner
FACEBOOKFANS06 Checker Charged Helmet Armor Kart Driver
ROSESFORMOM Mother's Day Bouquet (Expired May 17, 2009) Weapon Adventurer
ROBGOBLINBOOTY Robgoblin T-Shirt Clothing Freestyle
MPT38B3 Layered Skirt Clothing Freestyle
SANDWICH Small Sandwich Consumable Decreases Player's Size
FROGGY Froggy Fries Consumable 30m Frog Illusion
PXNH6HB Spook Sphere Consumable 30m Wolf Illusion
XCZG923 Baseball Cap Clothing Freestyle
T86766R Chatty Baseball Cap Clothing Freestyle
CP24C5N Race Away Jacket Armor Kart Driver
Email Code Hot-To-Trot Tots Consumable Fire Around Player's Feet
3G9MKT2 Striped T-Shirt Clothing Freestyle
FBREDSPARKLER Red Summer Sparkler (Expired July 12, 2009) Weapon Freestyle
SUMMERSPARKLER Purple Summer Sparkler (Expired July 12, 2009) Weapon Freestyle
GMBZZ24B Sample Booster Pack for use in the Trading Card Game (10 virtual cards, no loot card) TCG
SKELETAL Skeletal Speed Helmet Armor Kart Driver
F7KPG5A Chatty T-Shirt Clothing Freestyle
STRAWBERRIES Strawberry Surge Helmet Armor Kart Driver
DXNMJH9 Kitty Jeweled Collar Pet Clothing Cats
DRINKMILK Bullhorn Ninja Cowl Armor Ninja
MILKROCKS Cow Hat Clothing Freestyle
MILKRULES Pet Trainer Cow Spot Apron Clothing Pet Trainer
6FG8ZT7 Crash Crunch Helmet Armor Demo Derby Driver
EMD73DK Jagged Scythe Armor Ninja
MMMDONUT Heavenly Donut Consumable 30m Matcher's Advantage Increase
BERRYCUPCAKE Berry Cupcake Consumable 30m Matcher's Skill Increase
G3TACPCH Wild Winger Shin Guards Clothing Soccer Star
K9KCECXM3EK Treeble Cut-Out Mask Clothing Freestyle
GETSPOOKY Robgoblin Costume Clothing Freestyle
SNOWDAYS Snowman Housing Interactive House Item
BARKBARK Bark Chocolate Consumable 30m Dog Illusion
FLYINGDRAGON Flying Dragon Cowl Armor Ninja
Link Removed
site no longer valid
Triceratops Pets Triceratops Pet
POPSICLE Triple Layer Popsicle Consumable 30m Pixie Dust Effect
CAMOCAMO Camouflage Sunglasses Clothing Freestyle
PLANTPOWER Animated Snacks Consumable 1m Forest Giant Illusion
ICECREAMSURPRISE Ice Cream Surprise Consumable 30m Snowflake Effect
REPLENISH Medium Replenishment Potion Consumable Restore Health/Energy in Battle
CROISSANT Crispy Crossiant (in-game item spelled incorrectly) Consumable 30m Shadow Flames Effect
SMACKDOWN Crystal Hammer (level 19) Weapon Brawler

Video Tutorial - How to redeem a code

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