Forester (LotRO Profession)  

VocationsExplorer, Woodsman
ToolsForester's Axe<s>
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Lord of the Rings Online


The Forester involves himself primarily with the gathering of wood. Searching the wilderness, they use their sturdy axes to cut and collect a variety of different materials. These woods, such as Rowan, Lebethron and the rare but prized Black Ash, are then treated and shaped into usable sections for other crafters.


  1. A Love of the Forest, Part One (10) - Unlocks Journeyman
  2. A Love of the Forest, Part Two<s> (20) - Unlocks Expert
  3. A Love of the Forest, Part Three<s> (30) - Unlocks Artisan
  4. A Love of the Forest, Part Four<s> (40) - Unlocks Master
  5. A Love of the Forest, Part Five<s> (50) - Unlocks Supreme, available from a Master Craftsman in Esteldin, Michel Delving, Thorin's Hall or Rivendell
    • Actually, you get the Supreme unlock automatically but the quest is still available... it just does not actually do anything for you. What's more, you can do it over and over and over and it still does nothing.

Leather is made from Hides. Hides are common drops from all Beast mobs (bears, wolves, boars, mooses, cats, etc) in the zones and areas noted in the following table. There may be the occasional drop from a mob outside the areas noted but those are the exception, not the rule. Hides do NOT drop from anything even remotely humanoid. Wood is a ground-spawn resource that you harvest. Wood nodes can be almost anywhere but will tend to be more common in areas that are heavily forested.

Resources and their Locations
TierSourceRaw MaterialLocations
ApprenticeBeastsLight HideEred Luin, The Shire (Best: Bindbole Wood), Archet Dale, East Bree-land
Rowan BranchesLog of Rowan Wood
JourneymanBeastsMedium HideWest Bree-land, West Lone-lands
Ash BranchesLog of Ash Wood
ExpertBeastsSturdy HideNorth Downs, East Lone-lands, Evendim, Trollshaws
Yew BranchesLog of Yew Wood
ArtisanBeastsPristine HideEast Lone-lands (Harloeg and Agamaur), West Angmar, Evendim, Trollshaws, Misty Mountains
Lebethron BranchesLog of Lebethron Wood
MasterBeastsExceptional HideEast Angmar, Trollshaws, Misty Mountains, Forochel
Black Ash BranchesLog of Black Ash Wood
Black Ash Heartwood<s>
Spider Silk<s>
SupremeBeastsMagnificent Hide
Extraordinary Hide<s>
Eregion, Moria, Lothlorien, Mirkwood
Ilex BranchesLog of Ilex Wood
Log of Mallorn Wood<s>

At each tier you will be able to take 2 hides and make leather, and a type of wood (plus some wax) to make a Plank of lumber.

Refining Leather and Wood
TierRaw MaterialsRefined MaterialsNeeded by ProfessionNotes
Apprentice2 Light HidesPiece of Light LeatherTailor
2 Logs of Rowan WoodPlank of Treated RowanWoodworkerreq's Lump of Wax to refine
Journeyman2 Medium HidesPiece of Medium Leather<s>Tailor
2 Logs of Ash WoodPlank of Treated AshWoodworkerreq's Lump of Wax to refine
Expert2 Sturdy HidesPiece of Sturdy LeatherTailor
2 Logs of Yew WoodPlank of Treated YewWoodworkerreq's Lump of Wax<s> to refine
Artisan2 Pristine Hides<s>Piece of Pristine Leather<s>Tailor
2 Logs of Lebethron Wood<s>Plank of Treated Lebethron<s>Woodworkerreq's Lump of Wax to refine
Master2 Exceptional Hides<s>Piece of Exceptional Leather<s>Tailor
2 Logs of Black Ash Wood<s>Plank of Treated Black Ash<s>Woodworkerreq's Lump of Wax to refine
2 Black Ash Heartwood<s>Treated Black Ash Heartwood<s>Woodworker
2 Spider Silk<s>Gossamer Thread<s>Tailor
Supreme2 Magnificent Hides<s>Piece of Magnificent Leather<s>Tailor
2 Extraordinary Hides<s>Piece of Extraordinary Leather<s>Tailor
2 Extraordinary Hides<s>Mithril-reinforced Extraordinary Leather<s>Tailorreq's a Mithril Flake
2 Logs of Ilex Wood<s>Plank of Treated Ilex<s>Woodworkerreq's Lump of Wax to refine
2 Logs of Mallorn Wood<s>Plank of Treated Mallorn<s>Woodworker
2 Logs of Mallorn Wood<s>Mithril-inlaid Treated Mallorn Plank<s>Woodworkerreq's a Lump of Rich Wax and a Mithril Flake

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