FR Quest:You Can't Steal What's Already Yours  

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To Start: Speak to Lan Spryleaf in Lakeshore.
Lan Spryleaf says,"We're pretty sure those robgoblins nearby have been stealing things from Lakeshore. I sent Miles Sourpetal to spy on them and confirm my suspicions.

I'd suggest you go speak with him and see what he's found. "

While in disguise, sneak into the robgoblin camp and take back what's ours.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

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Miles Sourpetal is located southeast of the Robgoblin Camp. A quest marker will initially lead you to him, but chances are, if you are as unlucky as I was, you'll be re-visiting him a lot!

Robgoblin Watcher
Robgoblin Watcher
Miles will turn you into a robgoblin so that you can infiltrate their camp and swipe back the stolen goods. The downfall to this disguise is that the Robgoblin Watchers (at least 3-4 of them) wandering around and through the camp can see right through the disguise! If this happens, they will charge toward you and the disguise will fall. Some of the Robgoblin Watchers seem to be somewhat relentless after a while; if this happens, try to drag them further away from the camp before they can make your illusion fall, then hurry back to Miles for a new illusion. If a Watcher is close enough, they can even make your illusion drop as soon as Miles gives you one; in this instance, simply wait for the Watcher to wander off back to camp (and drag them off somewhere if necessary) before getting a new illusion.

Jewelry Chest
Jewelry Chest
The first stolen item you will notice is Dori Tendersole's Jewelry Chest, located just outside of the Robgoblin Camp near Miles, on the far side of the camp's clothes line. Ensure there are no Robgoblin Watchers anywhere nearby, then run in and make the grab!

Gaming Table
Gaming Table
The second stolen item that's "easy" to grab is Bry's Custom Gaming Table. It is located near Glerga, by the cooking table. For this one, I ran back to Miles after getting the Jewelry Chest, then went around the trees on the edge of the hill and circled in. Once it appeared to be Robgoblin Watcher free, I darted in for the swipe.

Prized Fish
Prized Fish
Next up is Selvi Slowreel's Prized Fish. This is where it can start getting tricky, because the Prized Fish is located on top of a pile of firewood near the middle of the camp, right by Boss Biggins. I lost my illusion a few times trying to get this, and ultimately was able to do it by keeping an eye on the Robgoblin Watchers and making a mad dash for the fish. However, don't stop running here...

Gardening Shovel
Gardening Shovel
Last is Mister Nookling's Gardening Shovel. If you grabbed the Prized Fish after running straight into the camp from where Miles is, you will see there is a stack of crates beyond there, to the side of Fizzlesticks' wagon. On the back side of those crates is the Gardening Shovel. My best suggestion is to try and grab the Prized Fish and Gardening Shovel all in one run.

This quest can be frustrating if you have bad luck with the Robgoblin Watchers. One important thing to note is that your illusion does not drop until they are close to you! If you happen to see a Watcher honing in on you, continue your run to the item and you might be able to grab it in time.

You can also scope out the items' positions ahead of time while not illusioned, but you cannot get the updates from them.

Any level (with membership) and any job can complete this quest series as there is no combat involved. Your reward for assisting the town of Lakeshore is a Faintly Glowing Blue Diamond Shard.

Quest Outline

Disguise yourself and find the stolen items in the Robgoblin Camp.

  • Speak to Miles Sourpetal near the Robgoblin Camp
  • Find Bry's stolen game table
    Don't get caught by the Robgoblin Watchers!
  • Find Mister Nookling's shovel
    Steal it back!
  • Find Dori Tendersole's jewelry chest
    All her dearest family treasures were in it!
  • Find Selvi Slowreel's prized fish
    He needs his tools!
  • Return to Lan Spryleaf

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