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The Town of Lakeshore
Sacred Grove / Wilds Central / Lakeshore

Lakeshore is northeast of Sanctuary on a point of land formed by a fork in the river. A lake is on the left (west) side, and the river on the right (east) side has a large waterfall. Across the river is Thunder Falls Speedway. Look for the Lakeshore Fields minigame in your atlas.

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Lakeshore is home to the swift and deadly Ninja trainer Ty. It also boasts some of the best Punkin and Sunleaf in all of Sacred Grove.

While you're in town sit down at the game table, cook up a meal or create something new at the forge.

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Quest Series

Diamond Shard

  1. Lakeshore Reports
  2. Further Investigation
  3. Thieves About!
  4. You Can't Steal What's Already Yours


Overlook of Lakeshore from a northwestern hill

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