FR Quest:Unmasking the Bandits  

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To Start: Speak to Henry in Farnum's Farm.
Henry says,"That's troubling news. Wompugg is a Greenwood chugawug! They are usually keeping bandits in line, not stealing from honest folk.

We should alert Glugmort, their leader. Do you think you're up for it? "

Henry has asked you to inform the leader of the Greenwood Camp, Glugmort, about a thief in his midst named Wompugg. Perhaps Glugmort can handle this situation and teach Wompugg a lesson.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

  • Coins 38 
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Note: Because the Bandit Hideout! is a Tier IV dungeon, you may not be able to receive this quest until you have at least one combat job at level 9.

When you speak to Glugmort, he says,

"Wompugg a thief?! The Farnums are good people, Wompugg is supposed to be helping keeping them safe! This is very disappointing. Perhaps a gesture to show him just what he has become would be appropriate.

Enter the Bandit Hideout and retrieve Muggenstomp's bandit mask, then present it to Wompugg with my regards. If he is still the chugawug I know, he should realize his mistake and come to his senses."

Bring the mask to Wompugg, who asks,

"Why are you giving me this Thugawug mask? Glugmort asked you to bring it to me? But I...I Bad, he's right. I'm no better than those Thugawugs. That wool was just so soft and I was all out of coins. But there is no excuse for what I did.

To make this up to everyone, me and my chugawug buddies will stay here and help Henry keep an eye out for those hooligans causing them so many problems. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways."

At the end of the quest, Henry tells you, "No harm, no foul I suppose. We can certainly use his help around here with those hooligans still causing trouble. Thanks for all your help. You will always be welcome at Farnum Farmstead."

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