FR Quest:The Explosive rescue  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Buren in Singing Crystal Mines.
Buren says,"I be worried about me brother, Burlen. He went into the Deep Mines and is the only one that hasn't escaped.

I think he can handle himself, but I still be worried. Can ya go there and try to find him for me? "

Buren's brother, Burlen is missing in the Deep Mines
This is a Combat quest.

Coins 24 
  • Find Burlen
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To find Burlen, head straight from where you spawned and turn right. Continue on and turn right again. He should be near the Robgoblin Wizard.

When you return, Buren says, "Ya found Burlen? Thank ya. That puts my mind at ease. I knew he would be ok, but thanks again for checking."

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