FR Quest:Stay With the Group!  

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To Start: Speak to Tori in Memorial Caverns.
Tori says,"I'm in big trouble! One of my group members, Ceri, went missing near Darvon's Descent!

If she wandered in there she's going to need help! Please find her! "

Tori was giving a tour of the memorial when a member of her tour group named Ceri went missing near Darvon's Descent. You must enter Darvon's Descent and find Ceri!
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

Find Ceri inside of Darvon's Descent.
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You must have a combat job at level 15 in order to receive this quest.

Tori is located near the museum in Memorial Caverns.

Ceri is not too far from the entrance of the dungeon. Take the first left, head down the hall, watch out for the incoming boulder, and turn the corner to your right. She will be a little ways down this hall, but be wary of the constantly incoming Corrupted Spirits if you do not take out the wizard here. Simply talking to her will get you your update!

Your diamond shard reward for rescuing this careless little girl is a Faintly Glowing Orange Diamond Shard.

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