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To Start: Speak to Cudip in Merry Vale.
Cudip says,"We need to wake Arianna up and reunite her with Stone Heart before all the petals turn black, and my chances at making the perfect love potion are gone forever!

Arianna's diary said she sleeps beneath a tree east of the rainbow.

Good luck! "

Find Arianna sleeping beneath the eastern tree and wake her from her slumber before it's too late!
This is an Errand quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

  • Find Arianna
  • Wake Arianna
  • Speak to Arianna
  • Return to Cudip
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Closing Comments

Sleeping Arianna
Sleeping Arianna
  • Arianna says, "*yawn* Who...who are you? Where is Rylan? I can feel him all around me. I knew he'd return one day!"
  • After you speak to her... Rylan appears! You cannot speak to them again, but they do have a short dialogue with one another.
    • Rylan says, "Oh Arianna! I'm so sorry I left you waiting that day so long ago..."
    • Arianna says, "You're here now, Rylan, and I couldn't be happier!"
  • Cudip says, "Splendid job, *Character Name*. I can see the heart flower's petals glowing with love! So much so, that I think I've perfected my potion. I'd like you to have the first bottle."

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In 2012, the Festival of Hearts is scheduled to run from February 7th to March 8th.

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