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To Start: Speak to Callie Kelpcake in Sacred Grove Shallows.
Callie Kelpcake says,"The most delicious items on my menu are made with fresh fish. Sadly, I'm a cook not a fisherman!

I could make it worth your while if you helped me reel in a few local fish. "

This is a Minigame quest. This quest is repeatable. This quest will advance the Fisherman job.

  • Coins 40 Stars 50 
  • Reel in an extra large Flutterfish
  • Reel in a large Cheery Salmon
  • Reel in an extra large Butter Flyfish
  • Reel in a large Chipsen Fish
  • Reel in a medium Slugamud Skipper
  • Return to Callie Kelpcake
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Sacred Grove Shallows

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