FR Quest:Sal Monella Special  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Sal Monella in Blackspore Swamp.
Sal Monella says,"I just don't get it! My food is so tasty, but business is so slow!

Listen, would you maybe hand out some samples for me? I'm sure once people taste it my business will pick back up! "

Deliver Sal's food to the citizens of Mire's Edge.
This is a Minigame quest.

  • Coins 15 
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Blackspore Swamp
Quest Series
Mire's Edge
Fresh Ingredients
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The name of the Robgoblin is a pun on the name of a bacteria, Salmonella, which causes the symptoms in humans commonly known as food poisoning. The disease is transmitted by consuming food infected via poor food-handling procedures and improper cooking.

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