FR Quest:Power Problems  

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To Start: Speak to Francis Panic in Stillwater Crossing.
Francis Panic says,"I need a new power crystal in a hurry!

Can you find my sponsor, Laurin? She's at the Thunder Falls Speedway to the north. You can even become a Kart Driver "

Francis can't get to the big race without power for his kart! Find his sponsor, Laurin so she can get a power crystal down to him. Laurin should be at the Thunder Falls Speedway.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 7 
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Closing Comments

Laurin says, "Francis ran out of power? Again? I need new kart and demolition derby drivers who won't forget their power crystals! Talk to Dane Blueshift and Crash Davis, right behind me. When you're done, tell Francis I'll get him a power crystal...but this is the last time!"

Dane Blueshift says, "Hey, another Kart Driver! Are you here to challenge the Thunder Falls Speedway? This speedway is serious business. You better be a serious driver if you plan on racing here. Do you want to try a practice run first?" Note: if you click "Yes", you'll be offered the Racing Tutorial quest.

Crash Davis says, "Are you here for some serious kart wrecking? That's the only way we demolition derby drivers do things at the Thunder Falls Speedway! I can help you out if you want to try a practice round first?" Note: if you click "Yes", you'll be offered the Demolition Derby Tutorial quest.

Francis Panic says, "Laurin is sending a new power crystal? That's great! Now I'll be able to make it to the big race on time. Thanks a lot!"

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