FR Quest:Pool of Seashells  

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To Start: Speak to Rainchaser in Seaside.
Rainchaser says,"Aren't these games fun! Now that you have some practice finding things in the tide pools, you should play my next game. This time you need to collect Seashells!

You can use the Seashell Bucket next to me to get started. "

Rainchaser in Seaside has challendged you to collect seashells from the nearby tide pools.
This is a Minigame quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

Use the Seashell Bucket near Rainchaser in Seaside to play the Pool of Seashells minigame.
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This quest unlocks the Pool of Seashells minigame for further play.

Just as with the Starfish Picking, you have to return to the shell bucket after you pick up each shell. Also, an Angry Cray will appear after you grab each shell, but he never attacked me or did anything to interfere. You need 6 shells.


  • Try to clear any nearby collection items so their glittering does not distract you.
  • Try only to get the 'brightly sparkling' seashells. If you pick regular ones, the Angry Cray will snap at you, stunning you and slowing your movement speed for a few seconds.

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