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Pet Trainer
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"Pets are really fun, but you should know how to take care of them if you plan on owning one. Would you like me to teach you a lesson?"
The Pet Trainer has offered to give you an introductory course on pet training. His/her dog will help you complete the lesson.
This quest will advance the Pet Trainer job.

Quest givers vary by location:

In Crossroads, Majorie and her dog, Spot.

In Highroad Junction, Mercy Merrywings and her dog, Moxy.

In Stillwater Crossing, Zachery and his dog, Vince.

This quest is made up of three sub-quests in a mini-game. Once it is over, go back to your quest giver.

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This quest is no longer available in the game, but the information is kept here for historical purposes.

Starting the Quest

Introduce Yourself Pet Trainer
Quest Series
Pet Tutorial: Basics
Pet Trainer: Speak Up
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