FR Quest:Ninja: Return to the Mentor  

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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Frostpetal in Snowhill.
Frostpetal says,"I imagine these ninjas must have been acting under orders.

Return to Ty and explain the situation. He will sure know what to do! "

Speak to Ty in Lakeshore and inform him of your findings thus far.
This is a Search quest.  This quest will advance the Ninja job.

  • Coins 13 
  • Return to Ty
  • Talk to Ty
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In this quest Ty gives you options, I will just list the continuing dialogue. It gives a little background on the Flying Dragon vs Shadow Talon feud.

"I find your act of selfless bravery refreshing. Once, years ago, I trained people like you. We were defenders of the weak: the ninja of the Flying Dragon Clan!

But I was a failure as a teacher. My students lost their way and their power corrupted them. They rose up against me, destroyed my dojo, and formed their own clan: the Shadow Talon.

With the news you bring of their presence in Snowhill, I see the true extent of my failure and know that action must be taken. Will you continue down this path with me?"

Select yes to continue.

"Splendid. Take a moment to steel yourself for the path we will walk together, then return to me.

The situation bodes ill for the residents of Snowhill. The leader of this band of ninjas must be dealt with."

Ninja: Troubled Waters Ninja
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Ninja: Achieve Level 10
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