FR Quest:Ninja: Gathered Shadows  

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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Ty in Lakeshore.
Ty says,"When the dojo fell, an instructor named Sarah stole my signet ring, a symbol of my authority. Sarah now oversees a group of Shadow Talon ninjas at Danger Peaks. Take the fight to them and reclaim my ring."
This is a Combat quest.  This quest will advance the Ninja job.

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Closing Dialogue

Ty says: "I am in your debt for honoring my request, but we have no time to dwell on your success. While you were gone, many Shadow Talon ninjas left the nearby Troll Fort. Lakeshore is in danger. You must defeat the trolls, rescue the kidnapped pixies, and end the threat before they have a chance to strike. I will do what I can from the shadows, but you will be the one to end this."

Ninja: The End of the Path Ninja
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Ninja: Stilling the Waters
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