FR Quest:Missing Homework  

Free Realms

To Start: Speak to Ronnie Britesmile in Merry Vale.
Ronnie Britesmile says,"So I had all of my homework done... I swear! But then some crazy robgoblin ran by, snatched all of the pages up and scattered them all over the place!

Can you please find all my pages of homework and bring them back? "

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  • Find page 1
  • Find page 2
  • Find page 3
  • Find page 4
  • Find page 5
  • Return to Ronnie in Merry Vale
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  • Page 1 is on the ground by the south bridge
  • Page 2 is being eaten by a dog
  • Page 3 is being used as nesting material by a Mischievous Squirrel
  • Page 4 was swallowed by a fish!
  • Page 5 is being worn by Vroomba as a scarf

A Delivery to Aunt Daisy Merry Vale
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