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To Start: Speak to Pinkelug in The Mother Lode Quarry.
Pinkelug says,"You should go talk to my boss, Plunkawug. He'll want to see your smelting skills in action.

I'm going to try and improve my efficiency. You've shown me I can do better! "

Speak with Plunkawug about his challenge.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Miner job.

    Speak with Plunkawug about his Smelting challenge.
    Master your Smelting skills with a 20,000 score in Gold smelting.
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This requires three briarblaze per attempt for smelting the gold bars. You can purchase the supplies you need in the Coin Shop.

Helpful Hints

Plunkawug has very high expectations of you. In order to "beat the score" while smelting the gold bars, you need to achieve at least 20,000 in the minigame.

The trick to this is to try to get all PERFECT! smashes in the first stage of the game. You need to get a bonus of over 16,000 in this stage or you will not succeed in the quest. In theory, with all perfect smashes, you should get a +17,000 bonus to your score. I got one Good! at the end of the stage on a couple of pieces of ore. and got 16,600 points, and barely succeeded at the end.

If you are having trouble and are going through supplies like crazy, you can exit out of the minigame (the red button in the upper left-hand corner) as soon as you get something lower than perfect, and try again.

Most importantly, TAKE YOUR TIME! Don't even pay attention to the timer; it doesn't matter how long you take. Just watch that meter!

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