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To Start: Speak to Snorg in The Mother Lode Quarry.
Snorg says,"You've proven yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Mining Guild will be made stronger by your membership.

Visit Therin in the Singing Crystal Mines, it's time to make you official! "

Snorg has deemed you fit for the Mining Guild. Return to Therin in the Singing Crystal Mines.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Miner job.

Seek out Therin at the Singing Crystal Mines in Snowhill
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At this point you should have all of the All-Star miner pieces, excluding legs (seems that you never get them). Unfortunately, the dynamite has no particle effect, unlike most other All-Star weapons/tools.

Miner: Rare Rock Collection Miner
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