FR Quest:Milk Rocks  

Free Realms

To Start: Speak to Perry in Perry's Pastures.
Perry says,"*Player!* I need your help in the name of milk!

There's a competition for the largest rock collection. Whoever wins gets to have a milk carton signed by The Dares!

I need to collect as many rocks as I can. Will you help me win? "

Perry is competing for the largest rock collection in Sanctuary! You've been asked to gather some rocks, so she can win a milk carton signed by The Dares.
This is a Minigame quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

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This quest is no longer available in the game, but the information is kept here for historical purposes.

The bucket is in Queensfields.

The Milk Carton you receive as a reward is a Freestyle glove item. They are cow-spotted gloves with a carton of milk in your hand, and they give you a nice milk mustache!

Humble Harvest Sacred Grove
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