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To Start: Speak to Terrence in The Roadhouse.
Terrence says,"Those medical supplies need to get back to Sanctuary!

We have to take them back from those thieving bixies. I've heard they live at the top of Sweetwater Climb.

Get up there and get those supplies back! "

Terrence is stressed about the medical supplies stolen from his inn and sends you to Sweetwater Climb to take them back!
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Medic job.

Recover the last of the Medical Supplies in Sweetwater Climb, North of Wugachug.
  • As a medic, recover the Medical Supplies
  • Return to Terrence
  • Bring the supplies to Nurse Naia
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  • As a medic, recover the Medical Supplies
    Terrence believes some hooligans stole the hospital's shipment of supplies and hid in the nearby basement
    Terrence says, " That looks like everything!

    Now get those supplies back to Naia! Hopefully they haven't run out of anything!"

    Naia is waiting for the Medical Supplies in Sanctuary.

    Nurse Naia says, "Thanks so much! I was starting to worry! The medicines here will help us with our next task..."

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