FR Quest:Little Lost Kitten  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Gooplemoop in Wugachug.
Gooplemoop says,"My little kitten Gertrude is lost! I cannot find her on my own, I have looked everywhere! My shift is about to start at the Sarsaparilla Brewery and I can not go to work without knowing she is ok. Please find Gertrude! She always liked to visit Cook Yumtumlot down at the cook tent. Perhaps she is down there now! Will you please go look for her?"
Look for Gooplemoop's lost kitten in Wugachug.

Coins 70 
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There is a kitten at the cook's tent, but it is not Gertrude! Take him back to Gooplemoop anyway, and he tells you that Gertrude may be at the campfires.

I found a kitten at the campfires, but that is not Gertrude, either! Go try near Postchug Runalug's shipping boxes.

Still not Gertrude, so go look near Farmer Murglot's chicks. Find the kitten in a wheelbarrow.

Good grief we have a lot of kittens! Maybe Gertrude is in Oggy's tent!

Success at last!

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Feeding the Kittens
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