FR Quest:Howl of War  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Jake Blackforest in Blackspore Swamp.
Jake Blackforest says,"It's time, friend. The dance-off is about to be announced any minute now!

I want you to put on your werewolf costume and join Team Werewolf in the dance-off! "

The dance-off will be announced soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

  • Equip a werewolf costume
  • Join Team Werewolf in the dance-off
  • Return to Jake
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Closing Comments

Jake Blackforest says, "Smooth moves, *Character Name*. Here's a little something to commemorate your stay with Team Werewolf!"

Werewolves' winning cake
Werewolves' winning cake


  • To complete this quest, you will need to purchase a costume or costume bundle from the SC Marketplace.
  • Any of the following will advance this quest, when you equip it:
  • There's a world-wide announcement, every half hour, to let you know when the dance-off is about to begin. It occurs on the pathway in front of Bone Bog Cemetery.
  • Once the dance-off is over, make sure you get your extra reward by clicking on the winning team's cake. It's either a Vampire Cake Slice or a Werewolf Cake Slice.
  • Once you finish this quest, you can participate in the dance-off whenever you want. Your reward will just be the slice of cake. So equip a costume and dance away!

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