FR Quest:Hog Wild Harley  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Wheelie Pete in Sunstone Valley.
Wheelie Pete says,"Harley went and wandered off again!

I figure she went after the sandscale down in the valley, but there's no way I can go after her with my bad hip. So what do you say, *player name*, will you bring Harley back to me? "

Pete's pet Hog, Harley, has wandered off again. Pete thinks she might be giving the sandscale a little payback, but he's worried she may be in over her head. Find Harley and escort her to safety.
This is an Errand quest. This quest is repeatable.

  • Mystery Reward
Find Harley
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If this quest is your active quest, you will be guided to Harley.

Like Scavengers in a Barrel Sunstone Valley
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